Love The Grumpy Nerd

“Your attitude determines your altitutde.” If those words and the bubbly little airheads that utter non-sense like this make you want to poke a dull stick in your eye and twist it.  You’ve come to the right place.  This is a celebration of reality over bullshit. 

That success in life doesn’t come though a moronically positive self flagellating attitude, self help books, or the donkey jawed purveyors of self improvement.  Success comes though a sober assessment of the obstacles must overcome versus the resove and resources that you have to face them down, discipline, endurance and a little intelligence.

14 Responses to “Love The Grumpy Nerd”

  1. Sara said:

    It was a pleasure to stumble across your blog. Please keep ranting, I need to be reminded that there are other sane people out there.

  2. Jenna said:

    You are my new friend. I would love to send you a long rant about the shit holes of life. Your post make me smile because I know that somewhere out there, where ever you are, you have shitty days and piss ass luck and out look on life, such as I, not every day although, but I am sure I could spout some random shit off on command. Keep it up! Consider yourself bookmarked :)

  3. Mike said:

    Definately bookmarked….
    Great site!

  4. TA said:

    This guy writes what those of us that are normal, think!!!

    And, he does so beautifully! :)

  5. mike said:

    you speak the truth brother

  6. HR said:

    I “Googled” BNI Cult after attending my first meeting today… you are my new best friend!

  7. Jesus Christ said:

    I appreciate seeing someone among the masses who still has a brain cell left. It’s about time someone decided to think out there rather than spewing the usual useless shit. Keep up the good work, and I’m definitely going to continue to read! FUCK APPLE. I really can’t stand those pieces of shit…

  8. Laura said:

    Bahaha. I love it! I was looking into joining BNI and I could just smell the scam a mile away. good to hear someone else has the balls to say what we all think anyways. Fuck I am so sick of being perky I could puke. Dont get me wrong I am all about positivity and shit but reality is what it is. Sometimes you just gotta stop smiling a big stupid fake smile and tell everyone to fuck them selfs. ahhh I feel much better, thank you

  9. Michael in Oregon said:


    Don’t be so stingy with your wisdom - last entry was in January , 2011. I read your entries and now it’s like waiting for the next novel of a favorite author to be published.

    Your style of enlightenment is a welcome reprieve from the usual banality of the internet gurus. Keep it up!

  10. Grumpy Nerd said:


    I sincerely appreciate the comments and encouragement. I apologize for slacking on this blog. You and all of the other readers deserve better. I will step it up and provide more of the high quality rage that you are counting on.

    - Grumpy Nerd

  11. sedris said:

    « blah blah blah … I love you grumpy nerd, you are so sane, you are my new friend, blah blah blah … »

    Pfff you commentators are douchebags … you love so much being insulted and degraded that you ask always more, that is exactly why you won’t succeed in anything in your whole shitty life.

  12. Pamela said:

    While I admire your command of the English language and your comcise and semi-logical arguments, I have to laugh at your lack of willingness for a real-time debate. It is so easy to hide behind “Leave a Reply” Step up and defend. I like your thoughts. It’s just that they don’t seem to be able to spoken on the dime.

  13. Pamela said:

    Awaiting moderation. Who does that?

  14. Second Star Technologies said:


    I will debate with you. Anyone dumb enough to question a web admin as to why they moderate a post from a brand new user shouldn’t be very hard to handle.

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