My H & R Block Experience

I think H & R Block Sucks and here is why.

I’m usually so busy with work that I don’t get a lot of time to vent my ample rage on this blog.  But today I’ve come across a cluster fuck of incompetence so outrageous that I am required to take time out and share it for the good of humanity.

Today H & R Block moves to the top of the top of the Grumpy Nerd list of Ire.  They are officially the most incompetent business that I have delt with ever.

So this year I drew the fucking short straw and I was the lucky one that had to get all of the business tax info together for the CPA.  I hate this tax shit.  Getting this crap together for the CPA is like pushing rusted pins covered in Tabasco sauce into my eyeballs.  I can’t stand it.  So as a result I put it off.  I put it off so long it’s too late for us to send the employee and contractor tax info out of town to get 1099-MISC and W-2 forms printed.  Well Grumpy Nerd why don’t you just laser print them yourself?  Well because you can’t.  You have to send the IRS and the SSA special OCR forms or they fine you $50 for each form that can’t be read.  So you have to get a tax prep person to create these special OCR (optical character recognition) forms for you. 

Since I had to get this crap done quick I had to take the W-2 and 1099 filing part of our taxes somewhere local and to get them done quick.  I stupidly picked H & R Block Premium for no better reason than they are open Saturday. What a horrible fucking mistake.  Out of our 8 employee and contractor tax filings H & R Block made mistakes on 4 of them. 

There are plenty of areas of the tax code that can be interpreted more than one way.  Lots of accounting stuff that takes a really skilled hand to do right.  I’m not talking about that.  What H & R Block had to two was literally copy information from the printed page that I gave them to the IRS OCR forms.  No tax knowledge.  No math.  They just had to copy what I gave them and transpose it to the correct OCR forms.  I even told them which forms and printed the information in 12 point font.

It’s too bad that these forms contain sensitive information or I would post them up here for the world to see. Here is a list of the mistakes that H & R Block Premium made filling out some simple employer tax forms;

Employee #1 – W2 Form

-         Social security number in the wrong box

-         Filed to the wrong year 2006 rather than 2008

Employee #2 – W2 Form

-         Social Security number in the wrong box

-         Filed to the wrong year 2006 rather than 2008

-         Wrong street address

Employee #3 – W2 Form

-         Missing social security number

Contractor #1 – 1099-MISC Form

-         Misspelled name

For our tax filing H & R Block screwed up the W2s for three of our four employees. They also made mistakes on one of our four contractor 1099-MISC filings.  I speculate that the error rate was lower on the 1099 filings because they require so little information compared to the W2 forms.

This disaster of a tax screw up was performed at an H& R Block Premium branch.  This is their high end joint for high income earners and business clients.  If this is what goes on at their premium branch what is the experience at their regular joe six pack branches?  Is it rusis monkeys throwing feces at tax forms?


6 Responses to “My H & R Block Experience”

  1. Ed Williams said:

    never deal with H&R Block Heads ! they are most dumbest assholes I there. Is! they promise the world and never come through. how can they be a Fourten five Hunderd co. They just suck!

  2. james said:

    Dear Grumpy Nerd,

    I’m sorry for your bad tax preparation experience. I can’t stand H&R Block either. They have really tarnished the tax preparer profession. I recommend taking the time to develop a relationship with your tax preparer. Your tax guy should be you second best friend…He’s the one you bounce financial ideas off of throughout the year! Hopefully next year goes better.

    James Krener
    Krener Bookkeeping and Tax

  3. Nadia Garza said:

    I am very sorry for your bad experience, I myself work for HR Block and don’t understand how all of these things happened to you, we are required to attend classes and our client experience and preparing an accurate return is always our top priority. I work in the McAllen Texas District office and will be glad to help you with your tax needs, we offer the online approval and have the second look option where we can go back to the last 3 years of your returns and if there is any mistakes we can always ammend. I know it is always important that you trust the person preparing your taxes and hope to have you back in one of our offices.

  4. radhika said:

    we know how to file online but we went to them to apply for my TIN since I dont have an SSN,
    they filled up a form which states supporting documents(passport copy,VISA-im Indian) should be sent along with that form but didnt notice that, when we noticed and asked whether we need to send any supporting documents they said “Absolutely Nothing”.
    But the fact is rules have changed in 2013 so we have to send either
    -original passport
    -go to IRS office with passport,visa
    -get passport copy attested at Indian
    embassy andsend the copy.
    These people are so dumb,they neither know the changes in law nor tried to do even when we asked them though they are experts in their field
    I wonder why they boast so much on tv ads, waste of time and money which is paid to them,

  5. Mark said:

    AHHHH!!! Poorly organized, inconmpetent and too costly

  6. scott said:

    dictatorial@hettys.rejects” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info!…

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