I Hate Open Source Software - Why Open Source Sucks

Listen here you fucking dorks I already know what you’re going to say “Well Grumpy Nerd if you hate open source software so much then why do you have a Wordpress blog that is running on an open source database?” Because Wordpress is a very rare example of open source software that doesn’t suck which doesn’t remotely make up for the other 99.99993% of open source software that sucks like a coked up Hoover.

Open Source Is A Fraud

There are two types of open source projects: The first type is the software built by womanless losers on SourceForge who have so much fucking free time in their lives that they can take hours out of their day to contribute to some worthless open source project that like everything else in their pathetic lives they won’t complete. They won’t document it. They won’t fix the legions of bugs that they built into the software. They will just fade away leaving their code-turd forever stinking up the digital domain.

The second type of open source project is maybe even more insidious than the first. It’s the corporate open source project. This is the project which is directed by, funded by and whom all of the contributors are employed by large corporations. It’s open source to better their market position or to encourage the use of their services. I’m fine with that. I’m a lover of capitalism. What disgusts me are you doe-eyed open source hippies that swallow the bullshit they are feeding you. You naive losers are being bamboozled by your corporate masters because you don’t understand how marketing works. They are contributing to the open source “movement” not to make the world a better place or set software free or build a code utopia or whatever nonsense you believe they are doing it to gain consulting services market share, raise brand awareness or the sell their proprietary solutions that complement the “free ones.”

Linux Sucks

That’s right I just called out the crown jewel of the open source movement. Linux is great if you’re building a super-computing cluster, you run a web hosting company with 3,000 servers or you’re Facebook/Yahoo/Google and you need something very custom and very rare. Linux is pretty nice if you’re deploying an embedded system application. But for the 99.7% of us that are using computers for common everyday tasks Linux is a wholesale disaster. On the server side it requires much more maintenance and more knowledge and effort to deploy and maintain than it’s commercial counterparts.

“Well Grumpy Nerd maybe you’re just not smart enough for Linux…”

No douchebag I am actually much smarter than you and I have shit to do and don’t have time to patch kernels and search for device drivers. It also means that I understand the value of time and I’d rather pay a few hundred bucks for an operating system license that patches itself and has device drivers available out of the box because my time is valuable.

“But Grumpy Nerd Linux is more efficient than Windows and it runs great on my 15 year old POS 486 with 4K of memory…”

I’m sorry that you can’t afford a new computer that will run a decent modern OS. Maybe if you were more talented you could sell your code for money and wouldn’t have to give it away for free. BTW Windows 7 runs awesome on this four core i560 machine with an assload of RAM. Too bad you’re stuck in the mesozoic era of computing.

“Grumpy Nerd Linux can do anything Windows can do and is gaining desktop market share…”

No it can’t and No it isn’t. That is the circle jerk of lies that you Linux nerds tell each other to make yourselves feel better. Outside of your dork circles Linux has zero desktop market share. No one uses it. The reason they don’t use it has nothing to do with Microsoft and Apple being mean. Or Microsoft cutting deals with computer makers. Nope. People don’t use Linux on the desktop because Linux on the desktop sucks. It’s hard to use. The GUIs are all ugly and clunky. Most importantly there are no useful desktop software packages that runs on Linux. Open Office is the drooling learning disabled little brother of Microsoft Office. Everything that Open Office does Microsoft Office does better. Photoshop is better than GIMP. For business productivity try to find an accounting package, shipping system or great suite of design tools that run on Linux. They don’t exist. Aside from web surfing and nerd circle jerk parties Linux on the desktop is useless.

Incomplete Documentation

Open Source nerds don’t have the discipline to write documentation because it’s no fun. Writing new code is fun. Fixing bugs in old code is less fun. Writing documentation sucks. Which is why most open source software is buggy and features little to no documentation making it useless to everyone outside of the authors.

Open Source Is Fad Driven

Most computer nerds have the attention span of a teenage girl off her Adderall. The next shiny object that passes though your periphery will distract you. Remember Ruby back in 2006? (Or just Rails if you’re a cool dork) oh you couldn’t turn a corner without some douche-canoe evangelizing the wonders of this horrible little fad framework and how it was going to revolutionize delivering software and services to the web and like the Segway Scooter of computer science… BAM in 2011 no one uses it. In fact the only people that still use Ruby on Rails are the loud mouthed idiots that painted themselves so far into a public corner evangelizing this brain dead framework that they can’t possibly backtrack without exposing themselves as the frauds that they are.

No Fucking Support

In my best open source Hippie voice; “you don’t get it maaaan the community supports you in the open source movement.” Oh really? You mean I’m supposed to bet my job on the trouble ticket turnaround time of the four crusty nerds hanging out on Source Forge who are going to tell me to RTFM to which there is no fucking manual because no one got around to writing one. That’s the support that you want me to rely on? Or do you mean the paid support from the many corporate open source contributors who sell their consulting services for more than licence cost of the commercial product they are replacing with “free” software? Thus simultaneously  costing me more and wasting more of my time? Thats your support?

Open Source Wastes Time

Open source software is for people that have more time than money. An open source solution is usually a patchwork of mutually incompatible systems jury rigged together into a semi-workable solution. Finding how to assemble these random components into a working system takes time and effort. (Time is a cost just as money is a cost) “Ahh so I have a MySQL 4 database I’m not sure which connector I should use so I’ll get the latest then I’ll write some code…” then when I test it I find that the latest connectors only support the most recent version of MySQL and I have to find an older build of the connector but that version is full of bugs because no one tested it before they released it  (which explains why there were 93 releases last year one per fucking bug apparently)  and half the shit that is supposed to work doesn’t (why would anyone need parameterized queries - just strcat a line of dynamic SQL together you pussy) so I have to re-code for bug avoidance purposes.  After a few tries you’ll successfully dodge all of the non-functional features and you’ll cruft something together that functions (most of the time).

OR! I could skip all of that hassle and develop the whole thing in ASP.NET where the database was designed specifically to work with the web framework that was designed to work with the language that was designed to work with my development environment and it was all designed to run on my desktop OS which is BTW is similar to my deployment server OS and get the job done with zero hassle and in 1/3rd of the time. Oh but I’m an idiot because I paid a few hundred bucks for software!  Microsoft really fucked me didn’t they?

To Summarize The Shitpile that is Open Source

99.99993% of open source software is complete garbage. Most open source developers suck otherwise they would be getting paid to write code. The open source developers that don’t suck work for Oracle, IBM and Red Hat and are contributing to open source projects so their employers can collectively gain market share on Microsoft (isn’t working) and trap suckers into using their open source solutions so that the suckers will buy their consulting services and support contracts. And Wordpress doesn’t suck but MySQL which Wordpress uses to store it’s data does suck.  And thats all you need to know about open source.

Grumpy Nerd Out.

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  1. Anomandaris said:

    Well, you will get a lot of flames on proggit but I wholeheartedly agree with your views.
    Though not as verbal, I have to say I hate the open source prophets and can’t stand ‘elite’ kids who think running Linux on their machines makes them hackers

  2. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Anomandaris come out of the closet man. There are more of us out here that love Microsoft development tools and Windows. Don’t let the vocal minority suppress your true and correct inner beliefs.

  3. Flaviu Simihaian said:

    So, to summarize:

    Use ASP.NET for all web development.
    Good developers work for Oracle and IBM (is IBM still around?)
    SQL Server (and Oracle I am assuming?) is the only DB worth using.
    SourceForge is where all open source projects live.
    Good developers all want to maximize their salary at any cost.

    …and I no longer wonder how Vista got released.

  4. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Flaviu Flav:

    Are you still wearing those clocks around your neck? Those were fly.

    Actually IBM is around and their stock has been on a tear for a few years. I’m sure being in the Django/Python market you probably don’t have alot of paying corporate clients so you’d be ignorant of this.

    Have fun looking for device drivers for your Linux desktop.

  5. Paucus said:

    It’s certainly a respectful personal opinion. However, using Oracle software as an example of software that “works” is a stretch. Oracle software is 99% garbage…

  6. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Ramakant I get more visitors on this blog in 5 minutes than you get on your shitty website in a year. In fact my blog is so fucking awesome I should charge you rent for the inbound links to that shitpile you call a website.

    Number One: I don’t give a fuck what can or can’t boot from a USB drive because I have two hard drives in my PC. Secondly you can boot Windows from USB: http://lifehacker.com/141290/boot-windows-from-a-usb-drive look it the fuck up moron.

    Number Fucking Two: Silicon is running out? Please review the beginning of the second paragraph: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon “Silicon is the eighth most common element in the universe by mass.” Sand is silicon and there is no shortage of sand. Dummy.

  7. Open shit software said:

    Here is an excerpt of an irc chat log in the hadoop channel on freenode. This underlies almost everything that sucks about open SHIT software.

    i was hoping the community would be larger.
    alex_: enlarge it
    Can anyone tell me why http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/WordCount would still output something like: word 1 word 1 word 1 word 1 word 1 in the part 00000 file? In other words, there is no combiner but the wiki says it’s combining anyways?
    the line: “As an optimization, the reducer is also used as a combiner on the map outputs. This reduces the amount of data sent across the network by combining each word into a single record.” is confusing.
    if you want you can create your own alternative to hadoop

  8. Open shit software said:

    Oh another thing. Open source “communities” don’t even pretend to offer support. Their mantra is “We are community members who donate our free time to this project and will answer questions if we can” , which in reality is NEVER.

  9. allan said:

    While I agree with you that the majority of open source software is terrible, I think it’s unfair to say that the movement sucks. I would argue that the quality of the deliverable product is only one of several benefits of the open source movement, including (1) increasing pressure against corporate giants (Windows vs Linux, for example) to continuously improve and (2) teaching new software engineers how to code in a free, community-driven environment.

    And I’ve got to say, Firefox is way, way better than IE. I’d rather use Firefox 2 than IE 9… though some could argue that FF isn’t truly open source.

  10. ash said:

    I don’t really get where you are coming from. Linux is very well documented. The man pages teach you everything you want to know. I have actually used live Linux distros to fix Windows machines. When I can’t connect to the network in Windows to get the driver I need to connect to the network, I pop in a live distro and bam, it configures, connects, and I can pull up a list of hardware, download Windows driver, reboot, configure. You remind me of all the idiots that leave negative comments in app stores that bitch about the product without reading descriptions first where all is explained. You are lazy and stupid. That is why you are doomed to use the same shit to do your work for you. You will never learn or evolve. If you like being that way ok no judgement, but don’t call yourself a nerd. As far as attention span you obviously are the one who can’t focus long enough to actually use the products before talking out your ass. Usually we project anger with ourselves onto external objects. What you hate about open source is what you hate about yourself.
    This message sent from my Android phone.

  11. ash said:

    Oh, and every question I’ve ever had was answered in a community forum. With replies. Do you need a lesson on how to use a forum?

  12. open shit software said:

    Ash, good for you that every ” question I’ve (you) ever had was answered in a community forum”. I find it hard to believe that every question you’ve ever had, you’ve asked it in a forum. And even if this were true, it’s probably a lie that every question is satisfactorily answered for everyone. Stop being a moron. Open source support just isn’t there.

  13. boit said:

    All I got here is one question:

    Why don’t turban-heads know anything about sand?

  14. gonzobrains said:

    “Maybe if you were more talented you could sell your code for money and wouldn’t have to give it away for free.”

    This one made my day. LOL.

    boit: Your comment was an added bonus!


  15. ArtifexMayhem said:

    Great post.
    The FLOSS movement has put a real damper on innovation.
    Let me say that again fuck heads…
    The FLOSS movement has put a real damper on innovation.

    Where are the innovations ? Examples ? …didn’t think so. Go away.

    Software is a tool not a political statement.

  16. Laughing Curmudgeon said:

    LOL Mwahahahahahaha.
    Thanks for saying everything I’ve ever thought and have said about Linux, and I even use it and like it (sometimes).

  17. usertron said:

    none-the-less … found you via google … the input was ‘Linus is Dead Because … “if you dont know … we wont help you” … expletive, expletive …’ via Bon Echo on Ubuntu on Virtual PC 2004.
    i feel significantly accomplished having made it this far. of course i was trying to find the means to actually do something using this OS(???). anyway thanks for the laughter, it has made my efforts worthwhile!

  18. usertron said:

    oops! …
    this is just a PS … sort of …
    or … maybe a retraction …
    i didn’t actually succeed in firing up Ubuntu … this is Damn Small Linus. but anyways … it has managed to fetch a webpage!
    well .. thanks again. i’m glad to see someone posting a comment re: Open Source that actually fits. G’Day!

  19. Nik said:

    Linux has a huge problem, where its code-base is fragmatized. All distro’s modify perfectly working software for no reason.
    This results with incompatbility and inconsistancy among distro’s, and isolated Linux groups that ‘oppose’ each other.
    I recently learn’t Apache (official) then learn’t Apache from Ubuntu, and had to learn it twice fuckin over, coz the dumb cunts over at canonical just had to fuckin modify it, when it was fine.
    Documentation in most Linux applications is a fuckin joke. Documentors always have to comment in on shit which has nothing to do with what their documenting “oh, this can be done with mysql, and this module, it can be seen on this website, for this reason rah rah rah…….. but we’ll leave that for another time”…….o kkkkkkkk.. FUCK HEAD thanks for confusing me.
    Up until recently I realized I was a huge Linux evangelisist, but I’ve recently realised Linux is too fragmetized and will remain at 1% forever.
    If people stopped releasing on GPL, and rather released source, but forbid distributing modified versions of the software, then we wouldn’t have such a fuckin fragmentation problem.
    Go onto a Debian forum. say you use Ubuntu and ask for help. You will get abused and turned away. Fuckin dumb cunts. Linux is fuckin Linux.

  20. BV said:

    Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking!

    Recently I agreed to help out a friend with his non profits web server setup which is on a stupefying laundry list of open source. At first I thought, how back could it be…

    Linux, just look at the distribution diagram on wikipedia, there are hundreds of hacked distributions built on other hacked distributions and so on. Every distribution is in flux with no consistency, and what works in one distribution or even one version may not work in the next.

    Irritating scripting languages everywhere, Php, phyton, perl, ruby, javascript, and more. How many times can we re-invent the bloody wheel, badly. Not to mention the conflicting modules that turn them into Frankenstein’s monster.

    Version-o-rama. Every open source project releases a version every couple weeks (due to so many bugs). Since every open source project relies on 10 or 12 other open source packages you too can rebuild half the packages on your server every few weeks to keep the house of cards standing.

    Documentation and support- I disagree with you, there is tons of both out there. Its just all BAD leaving you to muddle through a hundreds of sites and boards filled with bad advice and incomplete instructions. Its a stupid scavenger hunt in a sea of disinformation.

    Web Apps - I HATE THEM and open source lives to create them. So many clunky, slow, painful interfaces that are inferior to the 1990’s c++ and visual basic aps they replaced, and even slower than the 1980’s green screen apps from generations ago. Checking the unholy html/javascript/php spaghetti code you see tens of thousands of lines to do what can be programmed and debugged in a couple hours in an environment like .net. If there is one thing I love about the iPhone, is that it reminded stupid “thin client” loving IT VP’s that real apps are superior to web crap, and are even easier to make.

    As far as I’m concerned you would have to be a hippy on a LOT of pot to deal with the irritation of the constant tinkering required to run open source.

  21. Kommentator said:

    I’m desperately waiting for your windows rant. As we all know: all operation systems suck, so does all software I ever had the pleasure to use (including MS Office 2007 and VS 2010). But it’s always fun to read others enduring the same pain … ;-)

  22. Marcus said:

    LOL this article cracked me up!! I love it :) I actually use Linux and open source apps a fair bit but I totally agree. You really need to spend a lot of time to make everything work. Open source is only good if you have no money but a lot of time, or if the new technology ur utilising only exists via an open source project. I think in general people have now started to realise its not the saviour we all expected it to be

  23. Todd said:

    LMAO! I hear ya, maaaaan!

    Been using Linux on the PC for several years now. Managed to sleep through Vista and currently Windows 7. I’d be lying to you though if I said I’m not currently trying to download a dev-beta of Windows 8.

    Just getting older and more jaded, and like you, just a lot less willing to put in the time required to chase solutions down to just fucking use simple software. Example: I had to find the developer’s repository to “Pithos” (That shitfest prog workaround used to access Pandora because no main software companies will touch Linux desktop with a pole - and with all the frag I don’t blame them) because it stopped working. After an exhaustive Google search I finally found it buried away in some random forum.

    Just tired of the bullshit, the chase is over, I have shit to do. These days, I want my devices to “just work.”

  24. same said:

    today i was trying to setup and run some open source project

    ok i started with documentation link … 404
    ok , will check forum … tutorial for version 0.3 when 2.0 is released

    f..k u open source

    i was going to write what you did but then i checked google, first hit … so i will not write it again
    just 10/10

  25. iHate Linux said:

    Finaly!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!! Someone has spoken my thoughts exactly. Fuck open source programs!!! Every single time I’ve used Linux it has fucked up my computer. This summer I had to pay 30 Euros to have my comuter fixed. Fuck Linux. Those of you who use Linux as an everyday OS stop boasting about it. It makes you look cheap and DOES NOT mak eyou look smarter to others. It’s frustrating, time consuming and causes serious problems if it has to be removed. Linux is like cancer for computers like every other opensource program. Fuck open source hippies and fuck opensource itself!!!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>In Apple we trust<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  26. Jonathan Mayne said:

    Wow! Tough crowd. I appreciate that you’re all entitled to your opinions and it’s clear that I won’t win most of you over, nor would I try. But if you will, allow me to express my opinion.

    If you don’t mind my saying so, I think your view of open source users is a bit of a stereotype that’s about 15 years behind the times. The vast majority aren’t hippies and one or two of us even have women. As for the corporate thing I don’t know of any open source user that thinks a corporation is in it for anything other than the money. We’re fine with that. And I should know. I work for a fortune 100 company with developers who by your own admission, “don’t suck”.

    I do agree that there’s a lot of undocumented rubbish out there but at the same time there are some really gifted, thorough programmers too, so don’t hold it against them. After all, you can’t tell me that all commercial software is flawless. Yes the RTFM culture is widespread but at the same time I’ve found a ton of people out there who are infinitely more helpful than most company support lines I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with. And I agree with you on the time is a precious thing. So much so that I use Linux over Windows.

    In short the truth is that all computers and software suck in some way. Just because you’ve had bad luck with some of the open source people you dealt with please god don’t tar us all with the same brush. Fair enough you’re using Windows on beefy hardware which on a capable machine it isn’t all bad. But “iHate Linux”? If you’ll indulge me for one second, allow me to give you my 2 cents worth of where I feel “trusting” Apple will get you.


  27. haydarekarrar said:


    Some nice points raised, although I wouldn’t be as verbal. Also there exist a lot of good open source development out there and you have only highlighted the geeks and the bad sides of it.

    My fav. open source apps are:

    GIMP - sorry but Photoshop is expensive for hobby designers. licensing hello?

    I love Java which is free and is platform-independent.

  28. John said:

    Open source will always play catch up because proprietary software will be 1 step ahead.

  29. jordan4ibanez(313hummer on youtube) said:

    i read what you say and i wonder..i use linuxmint 12 kde and everything is fast and smooth..i run a minetest server while recording and rendering and it only uses 1.3 gb of ram..for the documentation there are plenty of people out there that will help you ..most opensource programmers have women..this is 2012..please update your opinions

  30. ludwigvonmises said:

    Funny. I share your thesis, but would you mind sharing your evidence?

    For a Capitalism-lover though, you are remarkably clueless about economics. If you want to get your thinking straight, Joel Spolsky has a nice article: http://joelonsoftware.com/articles/StrategyLetterV.html; brace yourself for reasoning. It’s not complete, but in case you find that you enjoy thinking about such things, some neighbor can certainly show you how to research the matter.


  31. Federico said:

    What it say in the footer page, “Powered by Wordpress”?

    Your blog run with an open source CMS.


  32. Spoofed said:

    It’s always good to know I’m not the only “computer nerd” who thinks Linux is garbage.

    1) Live boot into Ubuntu from USB
    2) No drivers for WLAN card
    3) Restart computer
    4) Boot into Windows 7
    5) Download Ubuntu WLAN drivers from fully-functional OS with internet access
    6) While downloading, stop and think about what you’re doing
    7) Never boot into Linux unless your copy of Windows is fucking broken.

  33. Chris Were said:

    Linux isn’t for everyone and I think it is a mistake that it sometimes is marketed that way. For me I spend alot more time fixing my windows boxes than I do on my linux ones. One of the main reasons I use Linux is that my job involves working with computers and I don’t have time to have to constantly fix/maintain/upgrade it.

    You guys generally need to go back to windows. It clearly works for you. Takes too long to fix for me.

  34. bliz said:

    Google android is open source, what about the searcg engine algorithms ?

  35. joey p said:

    Completely agree!

    Open source is shit!

    I have yet to find one open source project that is actually useful and works.

  36. Dom said:

    Bahahahaaahaahahaa…..*wipes tear away* That sir was AWESOME!! Just goes to show, you can find ANYTHING on the Internet. *hat tip* Thank you sir for such a delightful post. *closing tab*

  37. Brien O said:

    As I sit here watching Firefox hang for ten seconds every twenty seconds (been using Firefox since 2.something, it has almost never not sucked) while trying to help someone on another forum fix a problem with Blender (been using Blender since 2.43, up to 2.62, Blender has never once not sucked), I can’t help but want to thank you for making my day better. As soon as Firefox unhangs and this text catches up, I will click Submit and praise you officially.

  38. Alienbat said:

    Hahaha I used open source codes a lot and I agree with you completely - although I do benefit from open source projects.

    Yes open source projects lack support and documentation, are buggy, and lack backward compatibility. But don’t forget there is an old saying: You get what you paid for. Want can you ask from something that is free… And people do need free solutions.

  39. Jerry said:

    Notepad++, Gimp, Ubuntu, Apache, XAMPP, MySQL, FileZilla, Mozilla Firefox, Firebug, Thunderbird, RC Desk Pilot and Blender are some of the cool programs I use almost every day. It would cost a fortune if one had to pay for all this.

  40. Anonymous said:

    Hell Yeahhhh!! Totally agree with you!!!

  41. steve said:

    LOL, a good read - I feel like that too sometimes.

  42. kingofnyct said:

    “Because Wordpress is a very rare example of open source software that doesn’t suck” i would definitely argue that Wordpress is pretty bad. the user interface is *extremely* crappy and not intuitive by any means. it could be made a lot simpler.

  43. kingofnyct said:

    “Google android is open source, what about the searcg engine algorithms ?” Android is hardly open source. It is written and controlled by a software company putting out the product.

  44. kingofnyct said:

    “Open source software is for people that have more time than money” …..and for people who would rather toy around with how to fix things and watch porn at night, than actually go out and date women and do important things in the world. do you seriously think stallman ever got laid?

  45. kingofnyct said:

    “But we all deserve the end of Jobs’ malign influence on people’s computing” Its hard to believe Stallman as smart as he is would be such an idiot without any common sense. The reality is Jobs is the personal computer, there was no PC in its current concept prior to Apple. Without Apple there would be no personal computers at all, we would be using boxes with lights and flipswitches. The closed system Apple created is the entire reason why PCs exist in their current form in the first place. He is completely missing the reality that personal computers and all devices for that matter have nothing to do with open source vs closed source, it has to do with an entire system as a function of performing a task. If everything was open source PCs would never have taken root of even flourished, they would have been useless heaps of metal. The tool is only as useful as the software allows it to be and personal computers would never have been able to function or become what they are today using open source code or OS.

  46. kingofnyct said:

    Would also like to add that there is still use for open source, just that it is not effective for use in a PC. It just is not made for this application. It is good for servers, or robotics, or other things. It is a very simple concept, use what works best to make your tool function best, it has nothing to do with how open or closed a system is and there is no limit to how many manufacturers want to build the system the way they need to make it work the way it should.

  47. kingofnyct said:

    i dont understand what the problem is with Stallman. he doesnt make sense. apple is not promoting their “closed wall” system or selling software, they are strictly packaging their software WITH their devices. they are not selling OS software like microsoft. if IOS is limited just to their product then how is this a problem? theyre not pushing closed source software upon the world. thats why his anger makes no sense. if you use any other product it wont be IOS and no one is confounding your freedom to do so or use open source. popularity is not a reason to hate a closed system, plenty of people dont use apple products. i would think his hatred should be more pointed at Microsoft whose stated goal is to proliferate and sell their OS to the entire marketplace.

  48. jon said:

    I agree with you. Open source software sucks ass, 99% of it is crap, just like 99% of humans suck. Garbage in, Garbage out.
    However, I hope open source would hopefully increase in quality both code and documentation if we have better and efficient tools that make easier to add them (such as github)

  49. Devon Day said:

    I’m yet to have any real major issues with Linux Mint or the open source software I use. Is it perfect? Nope. Not at all. But, it does everything I need it to do thus far.

    I do agree that some things in Linux need to be made easier and someone shouldn’t have to edit a configuration file to fix some small problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. But, most people won’t need to edit that configuration file. If they do, then thank God that most Linux users aren’t computer illiterate.

    The best thing to do, is to get hardware you know works with Linux. For me, I’ve had nothing but good luck with Intel systems. So my next laptop, just as the one I have now, will be a Core i3 with integrated Intel HD Graphics.

  50. Free said:

    This rant is a ridiculous crock of shit that was outdated when it was written. Any software engineer worth their salt finds (or has found) all of the same problems in commercial software after using it for over 30 yrs+. Good software boils down to good engineering and proud products. It has absolutely nothing to do with the public availability nor licensing of the code. Silly wabbit…

  51. Nik said:

    You can’t make a professional application that will install on ‘Linux’, simply because each ‘Linux’ uses a different installation scheme. .deb, .rtm, etc.

    You could always just make a .run file, which will install across all ‘Linux’ systems, but then how are you going to integrate it into automatic updates? You can’t.

    GNU/Linux will never work, because they are two different projects that are driven by philosophies, rather standards.

    I really could go on, but the above fact is suffice to show that there is no standards with ‘Linux’, and as so, there will never be commercial software such as games for it.
    Without commercial software support, a desktop operating system is useless.

    There was a window of opportunity for UNIX to make a come back a few years ago with Open Solaris, but Oracle shut it down. Now UNIX is back to a 100% closed source systems.

    What can you do…..

  52. sunny said:

    i am disappointed….you call yourself a NERD….and yet won’t spend countless hours laboring over trivial issues and making your LINUX machine customized to your dreams….so that you have just the correct theme, firedrops/waterfalls on keyboard shortcuts (compiz), god knows how many audio players, etc…..

    your obsession with productivity (blah!) has corrupted your inner geek child….you will never understand LINUX or open source !!!

  53. Nik said:


    GNU/Linux wasn’t suppose to be a time consumer, it was suppose to be an open-source UNIX clone.

    Do you think Bell Labs created UNIX to consume their productivity? No.

    What Grumpy Nerd says about open source software is mostly true. Nearly all of it sucks.

    I just tried Tor a couple of days ago. A cool concept, but the actual software itself fuckin sucks.
    Its the stable release, yet there is experimental features in it (as stated by the documentation itself)… what the fuck is experimental features doing in a stable release?
    The feature was that the Socks listener listening port would be chosen at random, but I didn’t want this because I was having to constantly update my browser with the corresponding port every time I fuckin connected to Tor… did they give me a feature to turn this experimental piece of shit off? No.
    There were more problems too with Tor too.

    Then yesterday I used the application Grendel Scan. I wanted to scan a domain using the Tor proxy. So, I specified Grendel Scan to use the proxy.
    When I scanned, it stated that the proxy was in use and that it couldn’t be used, then it fell back to using my real IP and exposed me!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!!! Wouldn’t the application at least ask me first??? Who the fuck designs such a piece of shit like this? Only an open source warrior moron!

    Open source software generally does suck in my opinion, with the exception of Firefox and a few other piece of software.

    Sunny, your a low life and should get out of the house some more, opposed to spending Saturday night at home compiling Linux kernels.

  54. Robert Simpson said:

    Interesting thought-provoking comment. The one thing I agree with you on is that many free software developers do the fun bit, the coding, then can’t be bothered with bugs fixes, enhancements, and documentation. They write v0.1, then bugger off to the next shiny technology that catches their eye. And who wants v0.1 software. There is too much emphasis on coming up with ‘ideas’, but ideas are worth nothing to the human race only the execution of ideas. Open source technologies do have their merits though, as you admit. Job ads which say ‘encouraged to participate in the ongoing open source projects’ are a concern, when they are not clear what they want from the software, and want you the developer to come up with the ideas. There is too little professionalism in IT, and this is encouraged by job ads which list far too many skill requirements. Who can be both a professional web designer AND a desktop application or app developer. Its like trying to hire someone who is both a plumber and an electrician. Whatever happened to the UNIX philosophy of ‘do one thing well’. It takes many years to become a good web designer or developer or sys admin. There is only so much time in life, you cannot learn all these skills and be good at them all. There is a tendency to ‘octopus economics’ in IT - get somebody with four pairs of hands and do the work of four people for the wage of one. With quality software you learn something good about it every day you use it eg Photoshop, but with low grade GUI’s something cheap shows up every time you use it - its plain tacky.

  55. Robert Simpson said:

    Hello, is there anybody out there? is my comment binned?

  56. turb said:

    You said open source are sucks, but you use WORDPRESS for your blog engine?? you’re just a fail losers who hate open source because peoples don’t want your proprietary software anymore. LOL

  57. MN said:

    You are a fucking dork (reference: beginning of the article).

  58. foo bar baz said:

    and that’s why you are using Wordpress to write this blog ?

  59. n00pX90 said:

    blithering idiot !

    Linux and Open Source sucks but this blog and this fu…ing article is powered by open source apps : Wordpress & PHP.

  60. Scott said:


    some flavor of unix or linux powers most of the entire internet.

    most every infrastructure scale code (phone systems, dns servers, routers) on the planet is written in an open source language like c, erlang, java.

    the cutting edge frontier of language design isn’t happening at microsoft, it’s open source languages like racket and haskel that are pushing others to innovate, the way perl was the successor to bash (both, also open source).

    postgresql (open) is probably the most powerful database on the planet except for oracle. in fact it’s the only db that’s a drop-in replacement in an oracle cluster. it DWARFS Sql Server, Db2 and other commercial solutions.

    nginx and apache are the only real solutions for webservers if you want power and customizability.

    nearly all encryption algorithms, strong hashes, SSL technology is open source.

    protocols? use email, or http, or wireless communication much these days? open source.

    how about the stock exchanges worldwide? running on an open source os written in an open source language, communicating with open source protocols using open source languages.

    so, while i agree with you that i would NEVER let my grandmother use ubuntu when she could just use windows, the core of tech is open, and every senior developer leverages and learns from that ecosystem.

  61. hater of haters said:

    this guy has a little too much sand in his vagina

  62. Alex said:

    I think the biggest problem with the majority of open-source software is the thought process used in its greation.

    1) I really like X commercial product (Windows, Office, Oracle, …)
    2) I’ll ignore that it took a large dev team, a large QA team, several years, and millions of dollars, and I’ll write a version for free.
    3) Oh shit, this is tough. Well, I’ll leave the source on Github/source-forge for others to finish. This is open-source everyone will help me.
    4) … crap, my software is shit and no one likes it, and it’s now dead.

    NOTE: No innovation, no testing, no QA. High expectation, no delivery.

    Yes, this isn’t always the case, but across source forge, github, etc. I’d be shocked if any fewer than 99% of projects were to commercial standards.

  63. Sebastián said:

    Somebody please give me back the 5 minutes I wasted reading this crap.

  64. aesteral said:

    I totally agree with you.

  65. Wise Man said:

    I’d like to see you go a week without using ANYTHING remotely open source, not even a router if you can obtain part of the source.

  66. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Dear Open Source Dipshits,

    Please allow me to add to the litany of suck-points I made about open source; “it’s proponents are illiterate dumb-asses with the reading retention rate of a gnat.”

    #1. You fuck-tards; I clearly said of the usefulness of Linux;

    “Linux is great if you’re building a super-computing cluster, you run a web hosting company with 3,000 servers or you’re Facebook/Yahoo/Google and you need something very custom and very rare. Linux is pretty nice if you’re deploying an embedded system application. But for the 99.7% of us that are using computers for common everyday tasks Linux is a wholesale disaster.”

    Not one of you brought up a valid point to dispute this. Grumpy 1 - Fucktards 0.

    #2. There are two open source projects that I love and adore and I said so much in the first post; Wordpress is fantastic for blogging and low end CMS websites. Umbraco is even better and is a web developers dream come true for deploying high end custom CMS websites. Most of the rest is garbage. And it’s garbage because you morons can’t code and for a,s bad as you are at code you’re even worse at testing, debugging and documenting. With that said Umbraco is built on a great framework; IIS/ASP.NET/Sql Server while Wordpress is like a diamond placed on a large stinking pile of shit; MySQL, PHP (and if you have your head up your ass) Apache.

    #3. Time = Money you dolts. For every $1.00 you don’t spend on software you waste $100 worth of time crufting bullshit together to make it work and paging though online message boards for the one dork that knows the answer to your question. I would rather get my job done quickly and without hassle and move on to the next project. Spending my life researching how to glue POS open source projects together to make them function isn’t how I want to live my life.

    Here is my advice to you. Go back and slowly re-read the post and let it’s indisputable logic and wonderfulness sink into your otherwise pointed head and realize that everything you stand for is wrong and that once you get though your denial phase you’ll come over to my way of thinking and live a better and more productive life.


  67. anopensourceuser said:

    So, you don’t reply to all the comments people pointed about open source and keep ranting time and again “open source sucks”. Your opinions suck. Please come out of your cocoon and see the world. :)

  68. Open Source Evangelist said:

    The reason you can’t boot a Linux machine is no reason you can just say “open source sucks” ! The reason you can’t dig into the source code to check if something works or not is no reason that “open source sucks”. I believe you are not a part of a community, and I believe you won’t get it anyways.

    If you can’t read Sanskrit, doesn’t mean it sucks, the problem is at your end.
    Oh yes, you don’t have the time for that, the problem is still at your end. Pulling the time out of your usual life to work on something/provide support for free is not an easy task to manage. Still, contributors manage to pull it off and build some great projects. To me you are not even eligible to write this post, if ever you had contributed to any of the open source projects, you would know that.

    I know what kind of a guy you are, you need everything in place, all the LEGO blocks you can connect together to get your application/system running, that is not the reality.

    Open source technologies are running the world, believe it or not, accept it !

    You know what I think I just wasted my time writing this comment. What a waste !

  69. Alexander Ewering said:

    Amazingly entertaining read, and fully agreeable - keep it up :)

  70. Alexander Ewering said:

    Oh and by the way: I came here from my pretty frustrated “Why does Open Source suck so much” Google search.

    I was trying to dive into cross-platform Mobile App development, and I dared to try something Open-Horst: “PhoneGap”.

    Needless to say, I immediately was entangled in a huge bunch of exactly those problems that you describe in this post:

    All the documentation was bad and outdated, the project had changed names 3 times in 3 months, I wanted to use the BarcodeScanner plugin but that didn’t work with the most current version of Cordova. Then I had to install Cordova 1.5.0 but hey that didn’t work when the installation path had spaces in it (so typical Open-Horst 1970s problems). Then I had to reinstall all the shit but oh, beware, the paths are so long that Windows’ standard unzip utility can’t unzip them, so install 7zip. Etc…

  71. Reiner said:

    I’ve been having trouble with some open source programs as working with GIS. Grumpy nerd has summed up pretty much most of my thoughts, but last week I found an expection to the sucky world of open source. Quantum GIS. Compared to its commercial counterparts (especially to MapInfo) it’s really effective, professional and easy to use. I had lost my hope in open source, but now it has returned. Of course there are other great projects such as InkScape, though it’s clearly not as great as Adobe Illustrator - yet.

  72. susan said:

    Wow. I was really believing that I was too stupid to use linux and its impossible-to-download apps. Turns out I can’t find the Help because none was written. OK. Signing up for abuse on the forums was not something I will subject myself to. I have had enough of “Go look in the archives, we already covered that.” Thanks for nothing, you cold-hearted, hopeless virgins. I believe Bill and Melinda are funding good things around the world. Goodbye Linux!!!

  73. Christopher Thomas said:

    I lolled so hard a little piece of poo came out of my ass……

    dammed right, linux is one of those things which either works great, or is a bag of shite, 99% of the time it’s a bad of shit, just waiting for that mouseclick in the wrong place then KABOOM! back to the terminal with you!

    you don’t believe me? perhaps you never used the fedora or ubuntu “install updates” functionality, a single mouse click, a reboot, oh wow, a text console!!! AWESOME!!

    it’s 2012 you fucking losers, I dont want to fuck about, I want to do my work, where I sell my time and services to people in exchange for money, not buttsecks.

    however, that said, I dont find apache SO bad and I like PHP, but I want to learn python, I wouldn’t be so pissed as to actually want to use MS products, because I’m cheap and if I have to tear down and rebuild which has happened once in two years, then in a couple of hours I can do that, but you know, thats about as far as I would go.

    the rest of it, it’s a steaming pile of shite, somebody asked here why Stallman was so negative about other peoples toys, well, the reason is he believes he created something so amazing that why would you put yourself in that jail, when they have a hotel next door! and it’s free!

    well, yes richard, you do have a hotel, but this jail has lovely duvets and ensuite bathroom, whereas your hotel has rats and the doors fall off when you use them, the windows are upside down and the carpet is on the ceiling, where somebody thought it was great to install the toilet…..on the ceiling….cause thats where most people do their shitting…..

    richard is angry that he’s on the wrong side of the war and he’s losing, 10 years ago they had a serious chance to really fuck up apple and microsoft and leave them in the dirt, the blew it better than a cheap vietnamese whore who loves you long time, instead of coming together and building the infrastructure necessary to do things properly, they glued and gaffa taped shit together until they had something that looked like an operating system and then said “GREAT! now lets see what the community makes of it”

    you know what thats code for? it means: “we can’t be bothered to finish it, why don’t you try”

    fact is, if your linux works, great! if it’s stable, awesome! if you have any small problem, it’s always a gigantic ass shaped disaster full of fail.

    It’s fixable, but only if somebody stands up and says “fuck you guys, I’m going to do this properly and this time, I mean it” but you know, nobody does that, the open source crowd are happy to just sit around circle jerking their way into obsolescence as android starts to find it’s home on the desktop, ironically, making it’s way onto the desktop faster than linux did, so perhaps at least the linux kernel will arrive, even if all the shit behind it doesn’t….

    bring it on chumps!

  74. j said:

    Linux Mint. ’nuff said.

    Works perfect

  75. Peter said:

    Well spoken - open source fundamentalism sucks, I hate it

  76. Tiago said:

    Im not a code kid, im a designer, i totally agree with you. Gimp sucks.. theres noway to do in Blender what you do in 3dmax … today my opensouce fav service is only gmail (what stills keep running on adsense)

    Great post man o/

  77. openShit said:

    fuck me on github ;)

  78. E.F. said:

    Funny, I got here because I became so frustrated trying to set up a simple SVN server under XP along with Apache 2.2. Since two hours it keeps on saying “Unknown DAV provider: svn” although every needed .so is activated. No, I don’t want to know the solution. I don’t care. Frustrated I typed into Google “why does open source crap never work” … that brought me here! I probably wouldn’t have used the words Grumpy did. But I subscribe to the content! Someone wrote “Oracle is 99.9% garbage”. Only someone with no experience with databases can write such bullshit. That is the only DB on this planet that actually does work! Despite it’s few bugs. Firefox open source. Great. Five tabs open and 800megs of RAM. WHO the hell writes such garbage software? Linux. Man, if you ever tried it as (always ugly) desktop, before you’re done with setting it up it’s already outdated because the “kernel” needs 480 patches and the distribution has stepped two major releases further and you can’t get any packages on the mirrors anymore. What a nightmare. Someone mentioned Vista. Well, maybe not the best product from Redmond. So might be (or is) W8. But: I’m developing on MS since version 3.x and even in a larger team we decided to develop for UNIX in Visual Studio … Why? Because there are simply no development tools for any brand of UNIX. Eclipse to me is a unusable piece of garbage … unless you’re one of those geeks with no job, no family and no pressure behind you. In that case, it might be perfect because it burns your CPU power, your memory and your time.

  79. E.F. said:

    Oh, btw. … setting up VSS took me less than 10 minutes and it works great ;) Yea, I know VSS since years, don’t tell me about it’s bugs. But I also work with SVN since a few years. And was sweating a few times when nothing more worked with that source versioning system!

  80. Zack said:

    HAHAHA! Awesome! Really made me laugh cause it’s so true.

    Far worse than the sucking of open-source software is the sucking of open-source fanatics. What a fanatical bunch.

    You can see the sucky denseness even in their comments here. Can another butt-hurt open-source dork PLEASE make the oh-so-brilliant observation that this site runs on WordPress? It’s so brilliant pointing that out for the 136th time- as you prove your knee smacked your chin hard enough to switch off your brain before you even made it to the opening f’ing sentence!

    I see what Grumpy means about duplication of effort from these dorks!

    There’s always at least one fanatical open-source loudmouth on every tech forum on the internet. No matter the subject matter (hardware, software, Windows, OSX, mobile OS’s, etc…) the fanatic will have to preach endlessly about how everything sucks but linux.

    But try asking these dorks to put up or shut up and actually give examples of why anyone should drop a perfectly working Windows machine or Mac, in order to bottom-feed in the linux gutter. You won’t get facts, figures, reason or logic- you’ll get a spew of platitudes and trite hippie bullshit.

    You: “I’ve got a job to do that pays real money, so why should I use Gimp over Photoshop?”

    Open source hippie dork: “If you don’t own the software maaaan, the software owns you!”

    You: “Gee, that’s real helpful …maaaaan… but how about answer the f’ing question?”

    Open source hippie dork: “Libre software means liberation from the maaaaan…. maaaaan!”

    You: “What-the-f-ever. So what open source software will get my editing job done better than Adobe Premiere?”

    Open source hippie dork: “If you don’t compile your software, your software will compile you…”

    You: “The f? Answer the damn question!”

    Open source hippie dork: “You’re a slave to the man! Linux rules maaaaan….”

    You: “F the F off!”

    Wouldn’t be so bad if these dorks just stunk up their own basement, but they convince comp novices that linux is the bomb and to ditch their Windows install in favor of Krapbuntu or whatever, and 4 months later the same noob is begging to have their sanity restored.

  81. Darshak Bhatti said:

    Awesome dude….I do think d same….Open Source sucks…..Microsoft rocks…

  82. Adan said:

    I totally agreed. With my past 8-9 years of programming exp working with BOTH .NET and java and other open source techs, I have to honestly say open source sucks.
    The main issue is already pointed out by Grumpy Nerd there is no support in open source. This is actually one of the biggest drawback when you are building an enterprise system.
    Documentation. oh man…working with java for 2 years with different apis and tools with little to none doc almost killed me.
    Half the time was playing the guessing game. My colleague who was 10+ yrs senior java developer still had hard time debug and fixing open source tools (he is very good programmer). I don’t know if he hates open source, but certainly I do. I try to avoid open source since and sticking with .net, which i’ve never had issue and I’ve never seen anyone having issues with MS. And if we do, we call, ask, prompt our question to MS, we usually get very quick response from them, very helpful.
    Currently I am possibly going to accept a job offer, which will be using java and other open source programming code and environment. I am struggling to decide if I want to accept, throwing myself back to the shit hole.

  83. Ameya said:

    Great article!!!
    Made my day.

  84. Frank Sfalanga Jr said:

    Couldn’t disagree more. We’ve built a very successful business around software freedom respecting open source software and the support thereof.

    The thing most people overlook is the USE VALUE of open source and GNU/Linux in particular. You just have to invest a little time and establish which facets are time savers, which are money makers and which are “tools” that can be used to save time and make you money servicing your client’s needs.

    Anyone who is in IT at this point surely must realize that NOTHING of any import has occurred that is NOT open source. Google (uses Linux), Facebook (uses Linux), Twitter (you guessed it … Linux) … all great examples of capitalism and success.

    It’s true, you are grumpy but even you realize that if you don’t show up with open source acumen your customers are getting less value. If everything you install, configure and test has to be purchased along with a rights limiting license. If you’re unable to solve a problem using a BIG TOOL approach. The only one who suffers is you and your customers.

    I encourage you to think big. Open systems flourish while closed/proprietary systems continually die from bitrot and atrophy.

    Open source software works best for open minded people and cost conscious businesses. Watch, just watch. :)

  85. Megan said:

    Hey Frank,
    Guess what. I don’t have time to invest time to find a piece of software to do my work, or to find out which facets of the software (package) will do my work.

    Open systems flourish? What are you referencing? As far as clichés go, that’s a beautiful (albeit idiotic) thought. When it comes to reality, what, am I supposed to wait for some evolution to take place? Maybe my grandkids will see what you’re talking about? Who cares? Because if I can’t get MY work done….NOW…I may never have grandkids. Or if I do, they’ll be traumatized by generations of stress.

    So, take your high-flung, hippy concepts and big word sounding phraseology and get a clue.

  86. Megan said:

    Open Source Evangelist said:

    If you can’t read Sanskrit, doesn’t mean it sucks, the problem is at your end.


    Err…moron…what does Sanskrit have to do with software?

    You also said something about “If you can’t boot linux…doesn’t mean it sucks”

    uhh…yes it does.

  87. veyron45 said:

    just watch at quake 3 forks - 90 % shit
    watch just watch

  88. Bob R. Henry said:

    that 98% of enterprise-level companies use open source software offerings in some capacity.

  89. John said:

    Something which hasn’t been mentioned is the propensity for open source projects to copy successful non open products, Open Office for example. Could it be that open source actually stifles innovation? Are venture capitalists less likely to invest in a startup for fear their investment will be copied.
    Linux is a real disappointment, if a commercial company had taken it over and directed development I believe Linux could have been a real competitor to Windows. I’m all for open standards so that developers can write additional tools etc for commercial products.
    I do believe that people who develop innovative software should be paid so they can buy their groceries in the hope they will continue to develop software. I have never found a mechanic who wants to service my car for free. I’ve heard the argument that open source isn’t free as in free beer. I disagree it’s exactly like free beer.
    I also believe open source devalues all software in general. It creates the expectation that all software should be free. I believe this devaluation is now responsible for the falling interest in computer science. Why work in a profession if your work is considered to be of low value. The open source movement will defeat itself as there are fewer academics and computer science students willing to work for free.
    I should also mention I’m not a great fan of Windows, I can’t say I find it to be a rock solid piece of software engineering.

  90. Westen Norris said:

    Clustrix is the only primary database with Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) for real-time analytics. Only few offline columnar databases such as Vertica have such processing built-in.

    For unstructured offline analytics there is Hadoop, but it will be have old data and is too slow for real- time scenarios.

    Vertica can provide very fast analytics, but only on older data - since it requires ETL. This is often not an option due to real-time requirements and extra cost and operational complexity of having an extra database in the system.

    Clustrix is the leading scale-out SQL database for a reason:

    Fault Tolerance

    Real, Real-Time Analytics

    ACID compliance

    ONline Schema Changes

    OLAP & OLTP at the Same Time

    Shared Nothing Architecture

    Built for High Availability and Linear Scalability (plug and play)

    Speaks MySQL on the wire

    Clustrix doesn’t have to be a primary DB…it can just be a slave that runs your real time analytics….oh yea…and if your database does go down…it could port onto clustrix and clustrix could then become the master.

  91. scott said:

    dictatorial@hettys.rejects” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info!…

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