I Hate Apple Computers

I have so much pent up rage and anger and so little time to vent it properly on this blog. Literally every fucking day ten things piss me off and are worthy of a good rant. But who has time for this shit? So I’m going to down about a quart of tequila and let the discontent flow.

The only thing that annoys me more than Apple computer propaganda is anything related to Twitter. Twittering on your iPhone while drinking a PBR in your skinny leg jeans is the hipster idiocy trifecta. So a few seconds for a Twitter micro-rant (how fucking ironic) and then on to Apple. It should be obvious to you that Twitter is literally the dumbest human trend ever. If you use Twitter for anything other than to con hot dumb chicks into honking your bobo then you deserve to be quarantined with your other Twitter-Tards on a barren island for life, sentenced to speaking in 140 character increments while you play LiteBrite with each other for eternity.

So I swallowed my hatred of all things trendy and gave Apple a legit shot in my quest for a new laptop. I looked at HP, Dell and Apple laptops. No matter which way I spun it the Apple computer cost three times as much as an HP / Dell with similar hardware. For the cost of one Apple I could buy an HP laptop with the same specs as the Apple and a Dell desktop with better specs and have a pile of money left over.  On top of that every single useful software product I could buy for the Apple I can also buy for the PC. However the reverse isn’t true; not all useful PC software has an Apple version. In fact the most important software I need to do my job doesn’t run on Apple unless you run Windows XP on your Apple (yes this can actually be done though software called VMWare) so what you end up with essentially is a PC that costs three times as much as is should using proprietary hardware that you can’t modify. (But it’s pretty!)

To summarize; the Apple does less fucking stuff than the PC but costs three times as much… or rather it can do exactly the same stuff as a PC as long as you run Windows on your Apple which means that at that point your Apple is a PC that you paid way too much for. Here is my advice cut out the middleman save yourself some dough and get a PC.  They cost less.  They can do more.  And contrary to the cute “I’m a Mac” commercials PCs are reliable.

They only reasons I can think of for buying an Apple;

1. You Are a Fucking Idiot; you believe everything corporate marketing pumps into your empty head. You think the Apple guy is “cute” and the PC Guy is frumpy and gross.

2. You are a graphic designer who listened to all the other graphic designers that told you “Apple is the only computer you can do great creative work on.”  While ignoring the obvious fact that the entire Adobe Suite runs just as well on the PC.

3. You are a hopelessly trendy hipster asshole who’s self esteem is so low you’ll do literally anything that the crowd tells you to so that you can be liked. (Pssst: They don’t really like you)

4. You are an open source hippie. You hate Microsoft and think Bill Gates is mean. While ignoring that Apple’s licenses are more restrictive than Microsoft, Apple products are more closed to development and modification than PCs and Steve Jobs had Apple legally threaten a guy who was making fun of him. (Google: Fake Steve Jobs)

5. You think it’s still 1996 and hate that Windows 95 SP1 blue screens twice a day.

6. You’re a Rush Limbaugh ditto head and believe everything that the fat man says including his constant shameless plugging of Apple products and as soon as you move into a bigger trailer you’re getting a Mac.

7. You’re a software developer who wants to automatically eliminate half of the useful development tools from your repertoire.

8. You think that you’re going to make $5M selling the next great iPhone Fart Application.

9. You are so retarded that you think that iTunes and the iPod won’t work with a PC.

10. You’re unemployed and need a $3,500 fashion accessory for your “sitting at Starbucks all fucking day because I don’t have a job” ensemble.

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  1. I Hate Apple Computers | UK Web Designer said:

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  2. j said:

    Sorry to here your can’t afford a Mac. The world doesn’t people like you and Rush Limbaugh with that much hatred.

  3. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Dear Douchebag J,

    Sorry to “here” that you are so fucking illiterate that you can’t understand a simple point. That point isn’t if I can or can’t afford a Mac (I can) it is that the Mac is a product that is less functional / useful and costs three times as much. Making the people that buy them… suckers, sucker.


  4. Woot said:

    Right on Brother!

    You get those Apple Huggers!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Alex said:

    Bravo and well said. The only people that buy a Mac are douche canoe assbags that shovel up the idiotic drivel that all the slick Mac advertisements shovel at them. Then those same mouth breathing fucktards are all shocked and bewildered when their computer (yes, a Mac is still a computer) crashes after they do something stupid they would do on a PC which would cause it to crash.

    Keep it up, great article and so very true.

  6. Arj said:

    Right on! I hate apple so much, and I hate that people around me are such big iPhone fan boys. I will never buy into their white world dystopia, no matter how many colors they add to try to convince me its anything otherwise.

  7. Sam Kidd said:

    Another great rant, I can’t stand them Apple fan boys.

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. Hilary said:

    This is such a great post, love it :D I would add to this that Apple fans are the most annoying people in the world; no HP or Dell user would ever go on a tirade to me about how great their respective computers are and how I should get one when I make a simple comment about being excited to get a new computer (which will be a PC desktop that I build myself…would Apple let you do that?) Dear god, just shut up!

  9. Grumpynerd.Com » I Hate Apple Computers said:

    [...] The only thing that annoys me more than Apple computer propaganda is anything related to Twitter. Twittering on your iPhone while drinking a PBR in your skinny leg jeans is the hipster idiocy trifecta. Fuck Twitter. …Page 2 [...]

  10. Grumpynerd.Com » I Hate Apple Computers said:

    [...] The only thing that annoys me more than Apple computer propaganda is anything related to Twitter. Twittering on your iPhone while drinking a PBR in your skinny leg jeans is the hipster idiocy trifecta. Fuck Twitter. …Read More [...]

  11. zompaq said:

    lol you people sound very angry, Getting a PC really sounds like a pain in the ass, good reason to get a mac : ) oh wait, i already have one! No wonder im so happy.

  12. Electric_1 said:

    Great post - couldn’t have put it better myself :)

    zompaq - happy, you know what they say ignorance is bliss!!

    In a way i wish i was a thick mac-tard really - i’d probably be smiling out of the windows of the special like the rest of you…

  13. CY said:

    “Twittering on your iPhone while drinking a PBR in your skinny leg jeans is the hipster idiocy trifecta”… god damn that was great. Fuck macs. there’s nothing i can say that you haven’t already.

  14. Reid said:

    I have no idea why people think that Mac is better than PC. Under all that sleek designing, they’re not as good. The few things (and I mean the VERY few things) that a PC can’t do but a Mac can are shitty programs. My own brother thinks that his Macbook Pro is the best computer ever, even though my HP laptop running Vista has more memory and runs twice as fast. My theory on how this Mac trend started all of a sudden is because people had problems with early Vista and thought they were better off with Macs. They were right-for a while, until Vista cleaned up it’s act and got better again. However, these new Mac lovers were thinking “but I already spent a shit load of money on this iMac. Oh well, lets put a lot of propaganda on TV and say that PC sucks anyway.” Macbooks usually have only 150 gigs of memory; my laptop has 250, and its half the price!!!

    What is happening to our world; Macs are popular, Miley Cyrus music is considered to be amazing. If any of you seen the movie “Idiocracy”, this is only the beginning.

  15. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Give those Mactards hell brother Reid. Apple is the douchebag computer of choice.

    The only software that the Mac can run exclusively run are the useless Apple gayities like iLife.

    The catalog of software that runs on the PC but doesn’t run on the Mac could fill a warehouse.

  16. fuck apple said:

    Fuck apple and fuck apple users. Go fuck yourselves.

  17. JG said:

    Here Here! I will NEVER buy an apple mac until I can make one myself! Even then! They are the worst, most locked down, company in the world. And their ads are deceiving and basically lie to the viewers. All those dumb tv ads do is make fanbois happy but I haven’t met a single person that will buy one because of them.

  18. sw said:

    i just caved a year ago and bought the a high-end imac (over $3000). guess what - it crashed today and everything that was on it is gone. i have had several pc’s, and this has never happened with any of them. apple is terrible, and their commercials are an ironic joke. they won’t even help my try to retrieve my data, and the hipsters at the “genius bar” are rude and annoying. that was my first apple and it will be my last.

  19. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Hey SW.

    Thats just the thing the only thing that is special about Apple computers is the price and the marketing. Aside from that they are exactly the same hardware as a PC in a shiny box.

    There is no magic that can keep an Apple hard drive from crashing. It’s the same hard drive as in a PC. They are so similar that you can run Windows on a Mac and with a few tweaks you can run OS-X on a PC. (no shit) So if you think you’re getting something special in that $3000-$4000 box think again.

    Of course the fanboys will tell you that a PC is more likely to get a virus. It’s true if you’re stupid and download crap off of the Internet and install it. The reason the PC has more viri than the Mac is simple; market share. There are 10 times as many PCs as Mac of course the virus writers are going to target a platform with more market share. It’s the same reason that there is more software available for the PC in the general software market. It’s a larger more attractive market.

    Welcome to reality. Apple is over-hyped hipster crap. Welcome back to the PC. It costs less and you can do more.

  20. Jenna said:

    I absolutely love this post. I was a member on MacRumors while I had my iPhone, and the real reason for activating my Blackberry again, is because the fanboys give me a headache. iPhone or iAnything, are no longer a trend, because like tiny dogs in purses, EVERYONE HAS ONE. I can appreciate my BB up until Feb. when I get the Droid Eris, and I am not getting it because “it’s the cool thing to do”, I am getting it because, well.. that phone is fucking awesome. I will admit, I was a fangirl, but when I grew up, I realized that Steve Jobs is NOT god, and when he decides to put out a computer or phone that is NOT locked up to hell and back, then, and only then, will I be impressed. Anyone can make something and lock it up.. look.. here is a snowman, i am putting it in the freezer, and you can’t see it because I am dead bolting the door shut. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Great post, I am SO book marking this page. It makes me smile.

  21. menotu said:

    basically apple nerds are computer extreme fundamentalists.. try criticizing some of the crap that apple is doing ..eg 50k apps.. they forget that 49.500 are dupes.. etc etc. and you will eventually get banned from their discussion forums..
    Apple makes a decent computer..Windows 7 is as good, I have both…
    arrogance is the marketing word for Apple..


  22. Войска ПВО said:

    Grumpy, can you and I meet somewhere’s so we can slit a wrist and become blood brothers?

    Seriously, I love the anger here and the fact that the thread has endured for three-plus months. That means that the anti-Apple animus is alive and manifests itself in those like me who actually Google phrases like “I Hate Apple” and “Apple Sucks” and “Apple lovers fellate dead baby baboons”.

    The thing that gets me is the paternalistic “we’ll take care of everything” and the terminally-cutesy-pie apps and manifestations of the desktop that pop up and distend/distort themselves as the result of an errant.

    O.K., I get it, you can morph the shape of icons and make apps look like they are being sucked into a vacuum cleaner hose. Cute. Now how about doing something f*cking useful instead of all that razzle dazzle?

    I mean I hate any smugness and self-satisfaction in any class of individual from Apple proselytizers to Volvo owners. One fervently hopes that they finish out their lives attempting to suck rat turds through a straw.

    Of course, I have been a developer for 40 years and, while I don’t like Gates nor am I a big fan of some of the stupid things Microsoft does, it is worlds more accessible than Apple.

    But, hey, my idea of a great interface is one of those old “, , , …” lists and a “Select option” request on a green screen.

    I hear that CP/M is making a comeback once they re-animate Gary Kildall.

    Keep up the good fight, Grumpy!

  23. Mac User Since 1976 said:

    I totally agree, Apple does suck..

    I mean, which fool would want to buy an iPhone?
    Definitely not me

    Sent from my perfect iPhone (take that those of you who can’t afford one, *cough* Grumpy Nerd *cough*)

  24. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Mac Luser; As a business owner Grumpy Nerd understands a value proposition vs marketing hype.

    The Mac vs Windows PC proposition is clear; a Windows PC offers twice the value vs a Mac. Windows runs more software, Windows is compatible with a wider variety of hardware.

    Finally a Windows PC can do everything a Mac can however the opposite isn’t true. For example our shipping department wouldn’t function because none of the shipping software runs on a Mac.

    However our creative department gets along just fine with PCs because the Adobe suite runs just as well on Windows as it does on a Mac.

    So if you are weak minded and need to buy your way into acceptance by other “cool” people. Or you don’t understand value and are easily distracted by shiny things or your parents are footing the bill and you don’t care… by all means buy an Apple.

    But if you value function over bullshit and have a job that needs to be done and you aren’t wasteful with money the PC is your machine.

  25. Shaun Goncho said:

    I am an artist and have designed a t-shirt.

    There is an apple logo smeared in shit, beneath is written “CRAPPLE”
    Over priced, over hyped, american shite !!!

  26. Josh said:

    @ Mac User, idk if you have been paying attention but this entire article was pretty much about you and your iTool friends. Ohh I own an iPhone and you dont so Im automatically better than you. My iPhone is perfect and apple does no wrong. Im surprised you can still talk with steve job’s dick so far down your throat, and I know its hard to believe but most people dont want an iPhone, give me a google phone any day. Lets see cheaper, check. Open source, check. Can do anything the iPhone can, check. So once again another company has completely one upped mac. As much as you don’t want it to be true, apple is a one step behind the everyone else. Since your so god damn confident in crapple I challenge you to find one thing ONE FUCKING THING that you can do on a mac that cant be done with a PC. Give up? Its because there is nothing, not a god damn thing that your POS mac can do that PC doesnt do as well if not better.


  27. Bob said:

    The trouble isnt that apple make shit products, its that everyone buys them making apple more powerful and increasing the amount of shit products they can produce.

    The original idiot phone was a pile of shite. it came out while there were loads of 3g phones from everyone else, and wasnt 3g itself. People bought it.

    Then apple made it “3G!!!!” wow. Why the fuck wasnt it “3G” in the first fucking place. People bought it. In fact I know someone who just now “upgraded” to an idiot phone 3G.

    Then they put an S after it. And it still cant do video calls. Great. My phone from 3 years ago could do that.

    Moving on to the idiot pod shuffle. Its selling point? it doesnt have a screen. Wow. I’m going to go and buy one RIGHT NOW! so I can be unable to navigate through my music effectively, and enjoy the shit music quality. Best of all, i can pay MORE for it than a better player WITH a screen! now thats value for money.

    The idiot pod nano has a video camera? WOW now i could take shit quality video on an idiot pod. but why would I want to? Hmm. Because its an APPLE PRODUCT! that means i must need that feature obviously. What was I thinking.

    I cant really stress how much I hate apple. They have never once made a product that even comes close to not being a complete waste of money and a complete piece of shite. I enjoyed your rant and I agree with all of it.

  28. Satan said:

    God damn Apple.

  29. Dewey said:

    Thank God. People who aren’t sheep have found a small slice of sanity in an otherwise Apple-drugged world. In one of my MBA marketing courses, we had a visitor - a designer from Apple - who posited to the class “What does Apple sell that’s different?” After many close answers, he summed it up in one word…”cool”.

    Therein is the problem. Apple has created a following of “cool kids” who really didn’t know jack shit about computing in the first place. As the author above me asked - why would you need a camera on an MP3 player? WAKE UP YOU FUCKING MAC FUCKTARDS!!! If any other company were to produce a competing product with the same features and similar styling, it would be dismissed as stupid and trivial. You iTards are swallowing exactly the pill Apple marketing has crafted for you!!

    Isn’t this like all counter-culture movements though? (Think hippies, goths, Swatch watches, etc.) The seperatists want to be “unique” and “different” and stand for something against the big bad money makers of the world, so they band behind a little company that tells the world it stands for something different (and it probably does initially). Then, by their growing numbers, the transform the company, and hence themselves, into the same group of people they claimed to once have hated.

    The original iTards are mostly idiots who can’t find a power button without an instruction manual. But look out. Now there’s a new breed of fan boi/gurl, who is secretly desperate to be cool, and Apple marketing knows it. These fucks don’t care about the ideals of the company they buy from. They’re more than happy to pay through the nose for a stripped out, locked down piece of shit, as well as submit themselves to the total ass raping of Big Brother over what that machine can run - all so they can look cool, nevermind the price. Most would drown in a wet paper bag if they had to rely on any kind of serious computer knowledge to save themselves, so many just buy the iShit so as an added perceived benefit in their minds they can look semi-technologically literate - which as you know is a farce.

    I think the only way for the sane and rational people to begin to change this is to keep doing what you’re doing here - rubbing the iTards noses in their own and Steve Job’s shit, poking fun at their obvious stupidity, lack of rational reasoning skills and computer knowledge. It will draw on the same insecurity that magnetized them to their iShit in the first place. Call them idiots and mean it, as I’m sure you do. Eventually Apple, as all things once “cool” will one day cease to be so, and the company will have already lost its original user base.

    Now, for the laid back portion:

    BURN IN HELL JOBS, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. I BOUGHT AN iPOD ON eBAY AND CRUSHED IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR ARMY OF IGNORANT ELITIST FUCKTARDS! You’re pretty “cool” now, but who’ll be cool when the shareholders are losing $ because somebody made fun of the idiots who buy your crap and they all decided you weren’t anymore? GOD I FUCKING HATE APPLE. GAD DAMNIT!! I’M FINDING ONE TO DESTROY RIGHT NOW!!!

    Good job, Grumpynerd. Well articulated and completely accurate.

  30. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Dewey, Dewey, Dewey. Thank you so much for probably the most angry and epic comments section rant I’ve ever seen.

    You’ve taken this discussion up an entire notch. Well done.

  31. Toni said:

    I also hate Apple. I bought a MAC, and their stupid 1 on 1 classes, which I only did two of. The instructors were clueless and had no concept of how to teach an adult learner.
    The staff at the Apple store was extremely rude since I am computer illiterate. I have now booked lessons with an independent instructor, so looking forward to that.
    The greeters at the front of the store are really a fucking waste of money, and we pay for this shit. Too many staff, who are clueless, I wanted a matte screen and thought I bought this, but when I got home, it wasn’t matte. Smart salesperson huh?
    And yes, it seems that MAC people are sheep or sheeple - do what the crowd does, or else. Fucking losers.
    I have to suck it up and use my MAC, but glad I don’t have to be taught by those idiots.

  32. bubba said:

    thanx for the rant dude. I can’t fucking stand anything apple and their software fucking suck. I needed to read a good apple sux rant. how it this for fucking retarded I pay the money for acrobat and now it wont open a pdf in my browser. i tried a few things to get it to work but, like most apple related shit it doesn’t work and costs too much. so fuck it ill just d/l what i need to look at i just dont have time for this shit either…

  33. i7 FTW said:


    Man whats the best is these fake ass mac gamers(mame-ers) trying to run CODMW2 on their macs. I found a comments section on a torrent tracker website with 5 pages of mac users trying to get a half ass version of the game to run as a .EXE(which requires 2 seperate programs) on their macs. hilarious. not to mention on very dated graphics cards that they sell as current \power house cards.\

    I had to smack them in the face with my system specs.
    for $1600(US) i have:
    i7 920@4.1
    ASUS P6t mobo
    1 TB HD
    3 9800 gt 1 gb in SLI (EVGA) yes 3!
    6 GB ram
    (all midgrade components)

    This machine crunches battlefield bad company 2.
    It crunches everything i throw at it.

    Construction Design, specializing in Autocad 2009 is my profession. My Pc runs the 64bit version of the program which utilizes the Multi-core technology very very impressively. FLAWLESS.

    I could also argue that my PC can run any program in Adobe Suite runs 2 times better than any Mac.


  34. Grumpy Nerd said:

    i7 FTW,

    So right you are my man. I’m more of an off the rack kinda guy. I run a web and software development biz so it’s more important to me that I get well built box that will give me a few years of trouble free service.

    So recently I bought at Dell Studio.
    8GB RAM
    decent video card (as good as anything Apple ships with)
    1TB of hard drive
    Quad Core CPU
    Windows 7 64 bit.
    A beautiful 24inch monitor

    All in all a really nice solid box. Very enjoyable to use. Compatible with *ALL* of my old 32bit Windows software and plenty of room for expansion.

    You know what that cost me? $1100. What would a comparable Mac run? $3000? $3200?

    The Apple computer is a badge of stupidity. It screams out loud that the person a) swallows the Apple marketing propaganda and maybe more importantly B) paid double for a computer so they could fit in with their peers. It’s the sign of a weak mind so addled with the need to fit in they will be a mark for literally any marketing program thrown their way.

    I pity the Apple user for their lack of mental acumen.

  35. Roby718 said:

    steve is such a wonderfully fabulouse faggot. You do know that he publicly humiliates and fires employes who do so much as drop a pencil? Dont you. And the next day the release new hardware with the same EXACT specs as your hardware except they charge you twice for the same thing because the software lets you set backgrounds. Its like north korea in comparison to china. Frankly, instead of getting an ipad, i think ill get an android, and a joojoo.

  36. JG said:

    Love the rant. Finally someone who is as annoyed with Apple as I am. !!!

  37. mike said:

    Everywhere I look I see apple product placement. The entertainment industry is pushing it hard. Them and others… Most of my colleges in the industry have self esteem issues and often buy apple products to take the edge off their shame. Then they bring it out and show me, and look at me with an overcompensating, smug expression. I say something like, excuse me, I have to go outside and fart. I go take a call on my evo, and their inward depression and embarrassment stinks up my room. After I return they usually begin preaching to me about converting. It’s really annoying. It’s like they want that product to succeed so bad in order to somehow justify their expense. At the same time they keep flocking to my studio to work with me and get creative advice from me. My studio is PC only. I’m concidering starting a no mac policy. “please leave any and all apple products in the parking lot, that includes your lame iphone.” I find myself losing respect for clients, friends, and even family who buy apple. The brand is literally brainwashing the weak and creating an army of smug fuckheads who were once only stupid, not necessarily annoying to be around. Perhaps the last thing I do as a free man will be to assicinate the heads at corporate (along with the bush family and cabinet) and other evils, or maybe i’ll find another way.. either way it’s great to finally see some negative apple propaganda in the world. Kudos to the rest of you.

    PS: in the 2010 alone, I’ve successfully converted more then a handful of itards back to the good side. There’s hope.

  38. Grumpy Nerd said:


    Complements to you and your beautifully written post. Apple is great if you’re an air-headed teenage girl who’s only computer requirement is tending her Facebook farm, getting moist looking at photos of Justin Bieber and downloading brainless auto-tuned music. But if you actually need to get some work done really you have to go PC.

    I looked at photos of your studio online. Beautiful place you have. Keep up the good fight.

  39. HG said:

    Hey there Nerd,

    Love your blog. :)

    I do a lot of web and print work, and also a lot of audio, and for me my experiences using Mac (over PC, and yes I have extensive experience using PC) have overall been smoother and hassle-free. I will admit that I have had my share of Mac related hardware issues, and the whole “Cult of Mac” thing can go fuck itself, but comparatively the Mac road has been the best to me, with fewer headaches, by far. At least from a usability and work-environment standpoint that has been the case. The last thing I want when being neck-deep in an audio or video project, or when working with a 1.5G+ sized PS file is for the computer to take a dump on me. And with PC this happened more frequently than it did with Mac to me (knock on wood…)

    Plus, Final Cut and Logic are only available on mac. Sure there’s Pro Tools and Avid systems and such on PC, but to really make the most of them you have to pour out unreasonable amounts of additional dough on proprietary hardware components.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not gushing about Apple or anything though, because there’s plenty of shit that they do that pisses me off. Their “This is the wave of the future! - wait… nevermind…” approach to technology has burned me on more than one occasion. For example, PCIe was included in their G5 line for a VERY short period of time. And, lucky me, I wound up purchasing one of those machines unknowingly. The end result is that it’s nearly impossible to find specialized cards for that machine. Or the elimination of firewire 400 from their product line. Sure, firewire 400 has been around for a long while, but with 800 not being widely prevalent, and with 400 being a fierce standard in the audio industry (firewire maintains constant link while USB requires init requests - not good for audio), why get ride of it? WTF? Or how about disabling hard-drive usage on their “it’s an iPod and a phone!”? As a design guy, being able to carry your files around in your pocket is very big deal. I was able to do this with my old iPods, why not the new ones and the iPhone? To me that’s most of what made the iPod the i-friggin-Pod in the first fucking place… and now that functionality is suddenly (surprise!) gone? Again, WTF?

    Anyway.. it’s too early to rant, debate and discuss. I’m going to haul my tired, disheveled ass back to bed..

    Note: I had to laugh though, because I am #10: “You’re unemployed…” :) But, I’m going to sit at home instead of Starbucks because a) fuck starbucks, and b) I’m broke and the US’s economy, job market, politics and policies are utter shit.

  40. miley rocks! said:

    Cound’t agree more. Iphones and any Ipod cannot keep up with a Sandisk Sansa clip for sound quality. I can’t stand apple! I wish people wood look for android or windows mobile instead of the ishit 4. Fuck Apple!

  41. Copious-Systems said:

    I want to game and do work should i get a macbook pro” or a dell studio 17?…

    Someone referenced this post to answer question “I want to game and do work should i get a macbook pro” or a dell studio 17?”……

  42. justin said:

    true man true apple sucks so hard it makes black holes look good and fuck you people that buy into all the apple bull shit

  43. GrumpyGrampa said:

    I am almost intimidated by the angst here, yet strangely drawn to it. I’ve been in the business for a few decades, and Apple got the jump early by having drivers written for MAC’s tha would allow it to run a laser printer. If I’m not mistaken, the people who accomplished this later became Adobe.
    I finally hung out a sign “I do not work on MAC’s.” The parts were so expensive the howls of pain from their owners rendered me hard of hearing, which persists to this day.
    I currently run a 10 year old Dell. OK, here comes the abuse, I can see it coming–I run Linux. It is at least 5 times faster than XP is on the same machine (I dual boot, either operating system)
    Early on Apples used the Motorola chip, had a true 32-bit operating system. It worked better than the old 8088 PC’s of the day because it read most-significant-bit first, as opposed to Intels’ scheme of least-significant-bit first. But guess what? MAC’s use Intel chips now! And, they read least-significant-bit first!
    So there it is, under the hood, all is the same now. I don’t have any heavy-duty requirements for my laptop, or my old Dell tower. But both run beautifully, without any problems, or virii, on free software, created globally by the best minds in the bit-crunching game IMHO.

    I probably pissed EVERYBODY off, but I happen to think it’s all aboout freedom, and choice.

    thanks, I enjoy this blog. The spirit is amazing!

  44. GrumpyGrampa said:

    Oh, and one final word.


    That is all.

  45. Grumpy Nerd said:

    You Linux nerds remind me of the old-school IBM Mainframe sys-ops from back in the day. The guys that didn’t understand that computers were for getting shit done and not just for running operating systems.

    Linux is great for embedded systems. Linux is great for cheap web hosting servers. Linux is also great if you have a special need that requires mods to the OS for things like parallel computing and large custom server farms.

    Linux is also great for showing off your e-Penis to other Linux dorks. But if you actually use a computer to do work or produce a product Linux on the desktop is next to useless. It runs fast and uses fewer resources because it doesn’t really do anything useful.

    There is nothing better than Windows 7 for a desktop OS. Windows 7 runs ALL of the open source software, it runs ALL of the Apple software except for some useless Apple bullshit apps and it runs all of the Windows software. Windows has drivers for every piece of hardware. Most of the drivers auto-install when you plug in the hardware.

    And you know what else? I don’t give a shit how fast it runs on a 10 year old Dell. I run a 4 core i560 with 8GB of RAM and 2TB of disk. Everything runs fast on this box.

  46. pc repair said:

    Grumpy Nerd, I got to respect you because you say what so many people are feeling. I use Apple only when I’m required too and I hate Twitter. Why would anybody want to know when you took a poop? Really, people actually Tweet that!

  47. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Ramakant didn’t I just see you on Ice Road Truckers in India? You were the guy with the beaded turban dry fucking a goat.

    I remember you. You didn’t use your 15 seconds of fame very wisely.

    I would say better luck next time but you won’t get a next time.

  48. Flutterbuzz said:

    ‘avin a rant about Apple - not the done thing sir. The Apple police informers will tell their friends who will tell their friends and they will ALL examine their peni. They know just who you are and where you live and what you say and what their peni look like. Beware.

    Let’s face it they’re all shit. Apple PCs windowslinuxleopard - usbfirewiresdexpresspci glossymatteantiglare fucking shit the lot of it. Bring back the halcyon days of drinking warm cider under old apple trees without worrying about crap.

    I’ve had PCs all my working life. Last one was also a ten year old Dell which appeared weaker and weaker each year. Finally replaced it with another Dell (out of respect) and had it partitioned cos all the wide geeky nerdy boys - like yourself no doubt - were saying stuff like “its the thing to do man” - “partition your drive cos it will load quicker”. So went with Dell’s advice of havin a 20GB C: and 480 GB the rest. 20 Gigs right - super huge space. That’ll do just to run an OS. WRONG.

    Thinking I’m installing all me programs to the specified D: drive after a while my C: is next to full. Warning after warning, desperate to keep it clear it drip fills with all kinds of shite!

    I’m trying to make and record music and my software starts fucking up. So have to reinstall. No longer enough space on C: to install software properly (”I specified D: you cunting machine!”). But no you don’t actually install EVERYTHING to D: an awful lot of it goes on C: just to wind me up. So after advice from Apple muso nerds who’ve never ever ever had any problems with their machines, I decide to see what the Apple hype’s all about and bought a MacBook Pro - “pro” that’s a fucking laugh.

    After getting over the initial shock that you actually have to press the mouse pad not just tap it, I’ve had to buy into an Apple Airport extreme spend two days working out how that fucking works cos there’s no auto-setup program, I now have problems with the super duper firewire 800 port which is all wibbly wobbly and so has to go back for repair. I bought an interface which uses a firewire port - simply because the MBP has one and would free up USBs - yes, I’m a tit.


    Never having previously owned an Apple agree completely, it’s done nothing that a PC can’t do. It’s just as shit. But like I say they’re all fucking shit! And anyone who thinks differently is a retarded cuntwankingshitspittingcockballer.

  49. shane said:

    My macbook cost $999 so I’m not sure where you’re getting the $3,500 price tag. Two years in and still running at top speed without the hassle of any form of virus (most of my pc laptops would last about tow years before I needed an upgrade) and I love it. That being said I’m just a normal human with a social life who doesn’t spend all day long on computers coming up with reasons as to why this version of this is better than that version of that so I don’t know “specs”. Play a game of frisbee with your friends I PROMISE it’ll make you feel better. AND THINK…. then you be happier without this pent up apple rage. P.S. I do agree about twitter… wth is the point of that?

  50. Grumpy Nerd said:

    Shane. When I quote $3,500 I’m talking about a big boy’s computer for big boy work. Not you’re little pink iMaxiPad that you use to use to download Justin Beeber songs from iTunes.

    Frisbee is for homos. FYI.

  51. Kevin Couture said:

    I love my Macs ! :-)

    Nice read though

  52. John said:

    Nice read.

    I like Apple stuff like iPhones and iPads but I also think their laptop quality is laughable at best.

  53. boit said:

    Shane… ya stepped right in, using the dork Yuppie “That being said” instead of “however”, tell us your puny MacBag shitbox runs at “top speed”, and hasn’t had a virus in two years…

    Well, WHAT top speed, and why do you parrot faggot Yuppieisms, and come off immediately as illiterate and gullible, talk about playing Frisbee, and ADMIT you don’t know anything? Tell us about your speed so we can laugh even louder!

    Let me get my camera… i need a picture of an endangered Lemming…

  54. Wintervenom said:

    I support all of you.Apple is just a trend, it doesn’t do anything useful.My father had an iphone(first or second version) it couldn’t do anything that.It sometimes lagged and i had to restart it….but you cant just remove a fucking battery, nooo you have to do shit like pressing the top button then the big center button and hold them…wtf???Now he has a nokia n82 and i can say it runs better.Im trying to make him buy an htc because at least they can do shit.Ohhh… and you cant use it as a data storage device, why? I cant import music in more than like 5 computer.Its a fucking pain in the ass just to add a few songs to an isomething.

    A friends ipod classic (120 gig) just died again. charge him for every fucking fix.

    My pc costs a small fraction of the price of an apple mac.My windows 7 has never had a virus.And yet people still buy macs.They think just because it costs 10x more it must be 10x better or they buy it because somebody else has it.

  55. SynthAngel said:

    AHAHAHAHAAA I totally agree with this. I being an IT professional at a place where it is half PC half Apple… all the Mac users had to have those Macs but cannot use.

    I had to assume that this is just do to the trendy aspect or the hype that apple is better.

    Pet Peeve: Buying a mac and then asking me how to use it. If you are going to get one you better know how to use it. Fucking Idiots!

  56. Matt said:

    People fucking piss me off. They think that Apple is like some kind of god even though there is nothing that my PC can’t do that my Mac can. Someone actually told me that processor speed is irrelevant, Macs are just faster. Apple fans are such fucking tools. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my iPhone, iPad and Mac. Owning those may make me a tool but for fucks sake Windows 7 is probably better than Snow Leopard and PCs are cheaper.

  57. Julie li said:

    I fucking hate this shit, they spent 2.10hours transferred with 5 staff and just trying tovsolve my issue with iPhoto.

  58. phil said:

    I was in an apple store today and I couldn’t wait to leave. What a lot of nonsense. It’s a wierd feeling it’s like a cult….of people thinking they have to buy this overpriced stuff, overdesigned crap. Kind of like walking into Acrombie & Finch…I looked at a laptop…screwed around with the silly taskbar at the bottom of the screen..an idea that they ripped off from Windows ….and left with a headache. Apple sucks. I wouldn’t even get an iphone, I’d get a droid. I wouldn’t get an iPad, I’d get a Viewsonic. I have no use for Apple. They lie…all the stuff they brag about “just working” also works on Windows and has for years. PC environment came out with all the stuff Apple claims they “invented” and PC went to market with it first. The list is endless: wireless computing, tablet PCs, iphones all in one PCs, ultrathin laptops on and on. And I am so tired of the whole debate as well. Apple: it just sucks…and it’s overpriced.

  59. heather said:

    I fucking hate my mac. I am a graphic designer. I have to use this giant piece of crap every fucking day. I go home to my 10yr old pc that runs 5 times as fast on all Adobe software. Forget about fucking freeware on the mac, nope you have pay money for some shitty half assed version of freeware available on the PC, like a fucking CR2 viewer!

    As for crashing, my awesome mac here crashes roughly 2 to 3 times every fucking week cause it can’t fucking handle running photoshop, illustrator, and indesign at the same fucking time. My old pc at home running the same software (Adobe suite CS5) hasn’t crashed in over a fucking year. If I could I’d bring a shot gun to work and put this fucking mac out of it’s missery. But then my fucktard apple fangirl boss would get me another useless piece of shit to stare at all day.

  60. GMLaw said:

    “preface” I am an IT pro.

    I don’t so much hate the hardware. It is the OS, the propaganda and the Apple faithful who bug the fuck out of me.

    If i hear another “designer” say that they can only do their job on a Mac, I might just fucking shoot them. Let me set the record straight for anyone who uses any Adobe CS.

    All Adobe products are better optimized on Windows 7 64 bit than any other OS. FACT

    PC hardware is similar but much cheaper when purchased from OEMs. ie: HP, Dell, IBM..FACT

    Real PC users are not “PC users” because they see it as an identity. They use PCs because they work and real professionals use them to get shit done. Not to distinguish themselves socioeconomically. FACT

    I use a Mac at work to keep myself up to date on the ever growing issues associated with using a Mac in a Professional environment. (windows network) and find that every day my MAC pro CAN’T DO THE JOB. I run a VM of Win 7 just to do my job. Keep in mind we have 100+ macs on a 600+ computer network.

    I am Apple certified tech.. FACT
    I am a MCP, MCSE, Net+, CIS Grad.. FACT
    I can’t stand using , servicing , working on .. A MAC. FACT.

  61. Macklin said:

    I got pretty disheartened when I started college my first year. I’m going for visual communication design studies at Kent State and they -require- that you have a macbook pro, the minimum specs costing you 1,500 dollars for a laptop.

    Now, I’ve actually grown up with macs in the home since my dad liked using them. I’ve used pcs in school, so I’m used to using both and I don’t mind either of them. I don’t mind having my macbook pro now, its nice and all, but not that I had to spend this much money on it and know that there are more efficient computers out there for cheaper. I just hate it when someone tells you “you can’t be a good designer if you don’t have a mac.”

    The artist is the designer, and the computer is just your tools. A computer does not do the designing for you. I get to blow more money on CS 5 soon since I guess a designer -must- have it and they can’t do anything on a previous version of CS 5.

    (Lol sorry, getting off topic here.)

    I’m afraid that when I do go into starbucks and use my computer for things that people will be judging me. :/ Oh well. I hope you don’t automatically jump to the gun that a person using an apple product is idiotic, hipster, or stupid. I mean, it is highly likely that they are using it just for show, but not -everybody- using a mac is.

    Or if not then I guess I’m an idiot too. Heh.

    - Apple-hugging idiotic hipster designer mac user

  62. Justin R. said:

    Mac OSX is just Un*x in a clown suit ;)

  63. Raygun said:


    I have to work on macs in class and I hate it. They can only handle small loads, the second I have to work on a 3 or 4 gig file they crash. It is so bad that my professors often let me go home early to my PC to finish my work (if lecture is over).

    I am not a PC person to be in some kind of cool status, fuck that. I am a PC person because I can do more spending less. My PC’s (I build them myself) run a lot smoother then macs I have had to work on. Whether that be mac pros’ imacs or macbook pros, I cant stand them.

    The Adobe suite and maya run smoother on PC’s then macs. I get so damn sick of the other design students saying crap like “you can only design on a mac, PC design is not as good” and yet in every class I bring some of the top designs and top craftsmanship…all done on a PC (macs are so bad it is to the point I just fuck off in class on the mac if I cant leave early).

    I cant stand everything starting with an “i” and I really cant stand how gullible most people are into believing all this apply hype and bullshit.

    “but Raygun, what does their choice have to do with your life”…its simple, because most of these apple fanatics are simply followers with no ability whatsoever to form an educated opinion on something..AND THEY VOTE (tanks for obama you morons)

    fuck Apple
    I am HAPPY steve job is dead
    and apple fanboys can die in a fire.

  64. DopeyJoe said:

    you fucking tard shit. Macs are fine. Windows is fine. Buy what you want, and shut the fuck up.

    I’ve used windows for 20 years, and the iPod is the best music player out there.

    But I’ll never buy a Mac.

    You cunt.

  65. Jesse said:

    I felt like this once. I was happy to constantly update firewalls so that I could keep up with the daily new PC threats trying to shut down my computer. I thought options were dandy! I had no problem trying 30 applications to find one that could the job I needed it to. Ugly, non functional laptops with terrible battery life that get to 200 degrees on your lap microwaving your testicles to sterility? No problem! They are so affordable compared to those 1500 dollar apple laptops with the same (or worse) specs than the computer that I already have.

    That was until I bought one out of incredible frustration that a PC, (that erased the generic USB mouse drivers upon every start up), gave me.

    Then, after using my new MacBook for 24 hours, I started to realize.

    - The computer seems to stay at room temperature at all times. (My testicles/future children cheered at this)
    - I’m an audio engineer, so I was looking at which programs to use for recording. On my PC I was using Adobe audition for mastering, Pro tools for recording, and FL studio for VSTs. Then I realized, Logic 9, (a program offered by apple) Does all of these things amazingly well! And it’s VERY affordable! Perfect!
    - God damn this battery lasts a long time!
    - What the hell? I can open ISO’s Natively?!
    - The Mail application seems to work perfectly with multiple inboxes! Where as OutLook had given me nothing but headaches to the point where I had to download multiple mail clients just to be able to work efficiently.
    - (After recklessly downloading lots of illegal programs and space consuming music/videos) Uh oh. My computer is going to be hella slow and also be filled with spyware, viruses and general malware. Oh wait.. It runs perfectly and literally nothing is wrong with it.
    - How has the computer’s battery not died yet?
    - I don’t want this program anymore.. Where the hell is the Add/Remove programs on this crazy thing?! Oh.. I just delete it. And there aren’t any leftover bull shit files? example: C:/Jesse/My computer/Programs/Adobe/Photoshop/Blah Blah/Asdjaknsklnepoij23udopjkas.php.. Hm. Great!
    - SD Card slot, thunderbolt port and hi res video output come stock? Excellent!
    - Holy Moly! I can change my background! (Cough* Windows 7 starter *Cough)
    - Hey this camera is pretty neat, literally everyone I ever meet will have a god damn ball playing with it.
    - Ah man, I can’t play games on this thing.. (totally false, steam is awesome.) Oh well. I guess I’ll have to focus on.. I don’t know. My god damn life and career and be super productive at all times.
    - *Anywhere outside the house* Man, I look pretty damn sexy with this thing. Also, everyone with a Mac looks really clean and well dressed, educated with a great taste in music. 2nd Also, there seems to be barely any cheetoh stains on anyone’s keyboards! That’s a nice change.
    - I can not believe how long this thing is staying alive on one super fast charge.
    - What’s this? A search bar (spotlight) that works incredibly well and finds exactly what I’m looking for! ALSO! It’s a dictionary, thesaurus and amazing wikipedia search engine!
    - A dock with all of my important things on it, neat! Plus it magnifies (unnecessary but great!)
    - The first time the laptop died I said “Oh crap! All my work!” Then, (upon plugging it in to the amazingly convenient power supply that has never, ever, so much as hinted at not working), I realized that the computer just continues where it left off. No data lost.
    - Whoa! Pressing space bar opens up anything and lets my preview/watch/listen/check out how big it is. It even works on .RAW files! This will save me lots and lots of time.
    - Everything I plug into this thing just seem to pick up right away and work perfectly forever, great! No more looking for bullshit drivers for the rest of my life!

    I could literally go on and on with this.

    This is my thought process.

    PCs and Macs will get any job done for Myself and 99% of the population. They both will produce similar results and you wouldn’t be able to tell which computer produced any given product. The difference, in my eyes, is that Macs help me get a job done where as PCs simply enable me to get it done if I’m willing to work at it/maintain it.

    Given the choices. I’ll pay the extra and have a computer that gets me from Point A to Point B comfortably, efficiently and without headaches.

    Also, Fuck DOS. I want to create god damnit.

    P.S (Although there is no signature.)

    All of you need to really, REALLY think about all of your piffy and amazingly original “apple fan boys just love shiny things!” (because plain white, black or aluminum is obviously really flashy)
    and take a look at the ridiculous things people do to their computers with liquid cooling, neon lights, custom decals, engravings, stickers, casings etc, etc.
    You understand the allure of looking good, so please shut it with the Apple fanboy nonsense and understand that we are all happy to finally invest in something that just. Works. Instead of endlessly paying into something, just to keep it on life support, so we can meet our deadlines.

  66. daniel said:

    I personally like PCs only when I want to play games. However when I need to do work I’d much rather do it on an Apple. The things just work. I must run a program on Windows I just boot up in Boot Camp and run what ever Windows application I have to. Try to Running OSX legally on a PC…. oh wait you cant.

    I work on PCs for a living these things break, get virus’s/malware and other stuff all the time. If everyone had a Mac I’d be out of a job. So please keep buying those PCs and keep breaking them.

    The biggest gripe I do have with Apples is the fact they don’t play Blue Ray.

  67. Corey said:

    I’ll be honest here. I can’t stand PCs or Macs. However, I simply hate Macs. I don’t care if Apple could have made me a billionaire. I’d be lowering my personal standards replacing personal love for the industry with items that only seem cool and shiny. I’m certainly not going to be a sellout either with their stock. I couldn’t stand Steve Job’s in the 80’s and I still can’t stand him even when he’s dead. Now that this asshole is gone I’ll change the subject.

    I love the fact that I can build my own PC but I’ve always felt something is missing. Maybe because I can’t poke and peek at the hardware level that once could be accomplished on a machine built by Jay Miner. All those Atari and Commodore books available on programming and hardware diagrams and everything in-between one could do with a computer. It was a slick time knowing what each chip did and being able to manipulate them.

    At least I can paint in HEX within MS Paint using a debug program.

    I don’t have the ability to do shit on anything Apple! Thanks Assholes!

  68. the bard said:

    Applemacs suck!!!!!!!

    Overpriced unreliable, slow, built in obsolescence (nothing lasts longer than a few years, most parts make just past the warranties), CPU spiking fan noise piece of garbage.
    The epitome of style over substance. Perfect fo the age we live in.
    If you have to force Chinese workers not to commit suicide because they’re screwing down the price over there you now know why Apple are sitting on billions in offshore accounts.

  69. Supertech said:

    I have skimmed over several posts in this thread, the ones that make me chuckle are the posts from people who say things like ” you cant afford a mac/iphone/ietc.”

    Well let me tell you something.

    “I” can afford a mac.

    But I will never because I am the proud owner of a wonderful thing called common sense and intelligence. Seriously - so some research on a product before you go out and purchase one. Here are a few tips for you folks out there who would be considering a new system of any kind.

    1. PC’s get viruses.

    This is not true. Traditional “viruses” only account for about 3% of security threats in the world. Todays threats are in the form of malware/spyware. People seem to lump the word “virus” into these categories which leads to massive misinterpretations of terminology. I can say this because I am a seasoned tech of 15 years.

    2. Macs get infections. Email me. I will send you links of apple catastrophes that have been all but swept under the rug. They are just as susceptible to malware as pc’s are, but for whatever reason, when someone uses a mac, they dont visit website, or download crapware that hosts these programs as often.

    3. Macs are more and more INTEL BASED. Guess what else uses intel parts? ANY PC. Unless such a PC has an amd chipset, but thats not the point. The point is, all you are paying that extra 60% for is plastic, oh and a really really crappy OS. Hard drives are no different than a PC either, and neither is the memory. Price however, is quite higher on a mac for the SAME PARTS.

    4. ITUNES. Enough said.

    4.5 Okay I have changed my mind. I Will talk about Itunes. Deleting your files, deleting your libraries, or just not easy to use are all ways to describe itunes. I did a test one day. A friend and I compared the amount of time it took for them to download 1 song from the web. transfer it to an mp3 player, (i used my samsung fascinate cell phone) (they used an ipod touch). I was playing the song inside of thirty seconds, meanwhile they were still opening itunes.

    These are just a few things to consider folks. Trendy is a word I hear all too often when i hear people talking about apple products. Trendy doesnt mean efficient, good, quality or any other practical term. Trendy means stylish, and even that is opinion based. Be practical. Use a pc and not only that but LEARN HOW to use a PC.

  70. Dark Wader said:

    @ Jesse
    I just could not let your completely mindless over extended post of platitudes go unchecked. It was as stupid a post as I have see. You sir, ARE NOT PC user, you are and iTOOL. Reborn from an underling of a PC user that didn’t have the fucking brains to actuall understand what the hell he was doing on he’s PC.
    But just like any good PC user let, me clarify who IAM and what I know about Apple and your total lack of PC knowledge, or Apple knowledge for that matter by point out so easily why your post is nothing but the rants of an idiot PC user that blamed his PC to justify his drinking of the pretty glass of crapple kool-aid that Steve BlowJobs waved in his face.
    Brother man I am O.G‼… not Original Ganster… Original GEEK! I am (and my ilk) why they call my peeps GEN X! I growed up on Apple when it really was cutting edge. I even ran away from home on a regular basis, why you ask, not to go smoke out with the stoners or explore my puberty with my honey of a geek g/f. I would run away to sneak into computer classes at the state university, guess what kind computers they were teaching on in the university’s then? Apple ][ , ][+, ][e… but I don’t expect that you would know what those models are because your not a REAAAAAL Apple fan… you’re an iTOOL. A recent invention by S. BlowJobs. See back in the day Apple was the shiznit. I was a “distributor” for Pirates Bay, again I don’t expect you to know what that mean either. So I think I come with credentials that you and your iTOOL Fanboy sheepeople buddies and “Apple Geniuses” have no fucking clue about.
    That being said…… FUCK APPLE! I didn’t leave Apple, they left me….. and they did it with guess what…. THE FUCK MAC! Bet you didn’t know that one time there were over 200 different versions and variants of the WHAC on market time… and they still got their asses handed to them by PC’s, why you ask? Because of the EXACT reason why allllll these TRUE COMPUTER LOVERS are talking about… LOCK DOWN! As an impressionable yut I liked that I could hack the shit outta program from Apple and learn all about why when and how that damn thing worked…. WHAC killed that after awhile. PC’s offered it on a grand new scale that changed the world as we know it.
    Your stupid post shows how much you so don’t know about that POS craptop you own now…..


  71. Slambo511 said:

    Apple, that’s a fruit, isn’t it? I love computers they are the greatest tools of all time, that’s right … TOOLS, because that is what they are - regardless of what you use them for (masturbating over porn or writing the next big (cr)app). Now imagine a saw that only cuts certain wood in a certain direction (unless you pay more money, sometimes), costs three times as much as any other saw and which breaks with alarming regularity - bleeding your wallet dry. This saw is a Macintosh (yup thats what Mac is short for, you know the coat flashers wear). If you are assinine enough to buy one, well more fool you. I must admit that I admire them, there is an old saying about having the ability to sell sand to the Arabs, thats’s Apple. When all is said and done buy what you like, the free market would not work if we all bought the most cost effective

  72. JT said:

    I think you have to evaluate what your needs are. Take a toothbrush and a hairbrush for example. They’re both great if used properly. But a toothbrush will always fail if used to brush hair, and vice versa. But I do agree, a lot of people buy Apple paraphernalia just to “fit-in” or “be cool” without the slightest idea of how to maximize the potential of these devices. I had friends who used their MacBooks solely to surf the web and write term papers.
    I own MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and several iPods. The seemless integration of the devices is awe inspiring. I don’t need loads of third party software and drivers to get all of my devices to “play nice together”. iPhone is just elegant. Enough said. It’s the perfect solution to what a modern-day smart device should be. Big enough, but no ginormous. Customizable enough, but not riddled with bugs and conflicting internal config files. The list goes on…
    MacBook Pro kills all other laptops without question. I do understand however that people don’t want to spend over $500 for a porn viewer. Just look at features like battery life, solid aluminum construction (no cheap plasticky parts), TRACKPAD, etc! That’s great you have POS HP that has the same hardware but what good is a 500 horsepower engine in a car without tires?? Your HP will be outdated in 6 months and there will be a newer version that promises to fix all gripes you had about the first one. Then guess what happens when you buy the new “flaw-free” HP/Dell/Asus/Sony laptop in six months after that… The thing with apple products is that THEY JUST WORK. If Microsoft were to start manufacturing hardware and writing software specifically for that hardware, then they would be viable competitor to Apple.
    With that being said, I work in a very corporate company as a DBA and solutions developer. I am a very firm believer/supporter of all things Microsoft aka .net, SQL Server, Office, Windows, etc! I think Microsoft has done a fantastic job in the last few years getting there products ahead of the game. Windows 7 is beautiful and seemless and Windows 8 is only going to build on that. Microsoft hands-down offers the best enterprise level solutions. I would never issue a Mac to my accountants or engineers. Apple doesn’t have a solution to fit these folks. The only people on Macs in my company are marketing peeps. We also are issuing iPads to all upper-tier employees and are getting excellent feedback!

  73. JT said:

    GrumpyNerd — love the blog man. the rant on open-source is great!

  74. efx said:

    Good article.

    Just wanted to let the educated world know that CS6 continues to run far better on x64 windows.

    Something a just noticed (and led me to this article):
    Exporting a project as certain .mov codecs (required by the current project contract for some reason) breaks multi-frame rendering in AECS6. Render time increases x6.

    Not only do they have their own OS completely fucked up, they continue to force their broken shit on windows users.

    The best part of this article and comments:
    The incredibly idiotic apple children that come in here and unequivocally prove everything that has been said.

    It’s almost unbelievable. “Is that supposed to be

    Also, why are most of them illiterate?

  75. Grumpygeek said:

    Sorry to hear that you’re too poor to afford a Mac

  76. Killuminapple said:

    For those not aware, the zombie apocalypse is among us…
    Apple Customers are Zombies of the worst kind.

    Apple is smart, dubious but smart, if you zombify people they will follow you, Apple could launch the iTurd. a Shit looking phone that smells like shit and feels like shit, but because this turd has an apple logo somewhere in it, these Zombies will buy it.

    I take an example here…

    2010 (iPad) - 2011 (iPad2) 2012 (iPad 3rd Gen)

    LOL and people would upgrade even if their device was not broken, just like “nyaaaah I want it, its new, my other douchebag friends will get one i must have one too nyaaaah” *douchebag sorryass tone of voice*

    People think about it, the economy is bad, there are children dying of hunger, why in the heck are certain creatures in this world blowing 3k’s on a MacBook pro equivalent to a 700 bucks toshiba laptop????!?!?

  77. Killuminapple said:

    JT you had me lost at “f Microsoft were to start manufacturing hardware and writing software specifically for that hardware, then they would be viable competitor to Apple.”

    Apple does not make it’s hardware, it’s a pc on the inside, apple decided to be propietary with limited hardware configs to make it easier on them…

    Want to talk about propietary and how its done? Think Nintendo, they do specificially pay for custom hardware like motherboards (theyre not logicboards) custom processors and video chips… theyre own media disk, and still able to charge afordable for their systems.

    FYI, aluminum is 10c a gallon… so…? how come their flashy propietary form factor (btw iMac’s heat up like hell its incredible) casings make the system so expensive?

    And for those apple users who buy a 3k machine and install office for mac or vm ware or parallels or bootcamp to install windows makes me wanna kick them in the mouth sockets many times…. you know youre the weird one in university or college when nobody else has a mac but you, and realize…. uhm professor, i cant see it, or ic ant open it *duh maybe try chrome or firefox* or *duh, how about getting a pc for college???

  78. Timothy Ferret said:

    Hi Grumpy,

    There’s some entertaining macinTOSH macinTRIPE destruction going on here in picture story form. Do take a look if you can: http://fairyfaggotfuckwit.bestmalediaries.com/queer-computing/

  79. rick said:

    well said. apple products are crap. other companies make superior products to apple, but apple sells a lie and basically fools people.. not only that apple has some of the biggest assholes you could find working for them. they use persuasive selling techniques that fools the foolish, that gets them some sales, but they are crap.my nokia has lasted 3 years.my samsung has lasted 4 years.my toshiba 5 years. I have never and will never buy an apple product , they are overated and overpriced due to good salesmen and lies in print. they are crap.

  80. monkeyboy said:

    Still looking for a laptop? Get an HP Probook 4530.

    They’re dirt cheap (like you say about a third of the cost of a similiarly spec’d Mac), infinitely upgradeable (swap out the HD for a SSD and the screen for something HD) and best of all, if you actually do need to do any iOS coding they pretty much run Mountain Lion and xCode flawlessly with the single application of a patch.

  81. Ricdroid said:

    never needs drivers…. well of course moron your mac still needs drivers! They are part of the OS… they can do that because they only have limited options for hardware…. its a closed system, highly regulated with NO CHOICE!!! go ahead and TRY and upgrade that 5 year old icrap with a new video card…. not gonna happen. When my PC turns 5 i will drop in a new video card and it will blow the doors off of any new $3000 ishit. I did an experiment after a fanboi told me his icrap was able to process 24 audio streams at once…. i was impressed untill i was able to process 96 streams on my 3 yr old pc and play BLACK OPS at the SAME TIME…. FFS face it apple fanbois you buy them because you buy into the marketing hype

  82. Mac Hater said:

    I hate apple their complete bastards fascists

  83. Megan said:

    A Mac should NEVER crash…but they do…all the time.

  84. Megan said:

    I consider Mac OS to be the world’s most advanced virus.

    Using a Mac is like driving a Ferrari…to the moon. You think you look good, but you never get there.

  85. Moop McGoober said:

    Apple servers are corrupt.
    iPhone, iPad, iMac what iDiot wants any of these…….
    (possibly the same people who use twitter, AKA twits)

    Apple server is corrupt, it cannot download any updates to any of their products.

    Me, well I’m off to use my own OS, fuck Apple and its shit OS and fake download crap.

    Moop McGoober

  86. scott said:

    dictatorial@hettys.rejects” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info!…

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